The Terror Owl attacks


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I laughed so fucking hard when I saw this xD

If you don’t get it (you most likely don’t), read this:

hahaha just awesome!

Excellent :'D Have they caught the bird already?

I don’t think so, but you never know…

This story even cropped up on the bbc news pages. We had a seagull attack people where I work. We even had an email go out to warn people not to go to a particular area unless they had to.

4 years ago i got attacked by a "hawk" while jogging … i was thy lucky guy… i was attacked by the male and left without any injuries ! a little bit later i heard about others who where attacked but by the female, they all went to hospital! It was a couple with a nest and they protected it so the "Vogelwarte" (ornithological station) had to move the nest and birds ,

it’s not funny guys … these beasts are quite big and if one of them attacks you… i was a little bit scared ^^ i never run this fast in my live =)

I’m scared of pigeons so I can only imagine. :furious:

Its not funny that people get injured, the funny thing is that this guy made a horror movie trailer, without using any videos that are relevant to the owl attacks xD

I do like a good B-movie like Piranhaconda, so I though it was funny cant wait for the Blu-Ray release haha

Just incase you were interested lol

Lol, just when I thought Sharknado was the worst movie ever, you show up with that xD

Who the hell comes up with this stuff