The Return of Becti to ArmA?

"Warlords" is an unofficial usermade mod by an employee of BIS. It involves two sides fighting over Altis and Stratis in a Warfare or BECTI-esque fashion, buying units and supports with "CP" which is generated over time. The objective is to attack and hold key positions on the island, which increase your side’s power and ability to purchase more assets.

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Looks like it may have some potential, and after testing it with some college friends of mine it seems to be very stable and replayable. Would anyone be interested in having a game or two with our modpack, or even with a slightly streamlined version of our repo, and relive the old days of ArmA 2’s BECTI?[br]


Thanks for sharing this. I’m downloading to have a go right now!

I have a server up and running the mod if anyone would like to join, start getting our conquest of Altis going!