The life of

Hey y’all,

I have never posted my resignation or any news about me. Being home for a day now and having thought of you all a lot of times in the past months, I figured it’s about time to do just that.
As some of you know. I landed the job I have been dreaming about. This allows me to work with a lot of fun, travel everywhere and get a position within a big international enterprise company that is rapidly growing. It comes with a lot of plusses but as you can guess there is also a downsite to it. The downsite being, I never get to be home and play games with you lot. While I do miss you all, it’s just not possible to get the minimum attendance required.
I hope you all are doing well. And I hope to speak with all of you soon. I will be on Teamspeak and ready to play a game today and hopefully a little bit more in this month than the last few months.

Let me know what has been going on in your lives, how the CNTO is doing and maybe what the order of business is nowadays. :slight_smile:

Good to hear you are doing well.

Glad your doing well Shiny stop by and say hello when you have time.