The Internet of Things

So, as part of a work project I am looking into I am trying to identify things that are likely to be connected to the internet now or in the future. It’s late on a Thursday and I have been typing all day so if anyone has any ideas let me know! I have a few, varying from sensing lightbulbs to environmental sensors.
Cheers in advance


Some time ago I saw Samsung presenting "SmartThings"
They are aiming that basically every household machine will be connected to the internet.
They are making their own ‘‘section’’ in this market, called SmartThings

Quite awesome progression in technology I would say,
and I can’t wait until I’ll get my own house so I can automate the crap out of it!

I know that some "lifehackers" are already doing these things for years, so searching for this with keywords such as "arduino" or "raspberry pi" will probably give you loads of DIY things to consider!

I hope you can find some awesome projects and subjects to include in this upcoming "internet of things" !

I think it would be awesome to connect everyday things to Microsoft HoloLens, so you can open the fridge with a swipe from your hand or lock the doors by making a rotating movement. I think basically everything electrical will at some point be connected to the internet, although I don’t think you can just write "everything" in your project, so just name random shit in your house I guess.

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True enough, but while you lead the charge into it all, just remember that making everything on the internet makes it vulnerable. If people can hack your doors, or read when your lights are on (so they can tell when you’re out) or even listen in to your conversations through the various tvs or other voice recognition stuff that will be less cool.

Some people find it very arousing to know that someone is watching them do "things". And as long as you’re not a celebrity or a government official, I’m sure you’ll be fine :smiley:

How about people using that phone camera or google glass to read your credit card details?

Cyber crime hit’s everyone.

Well, don’t phone whilst using your credit card and don’t wear google glasses no matter what, they are some ugly mofos :D. I do realise that cyber crime will be a serious issue, but most thing will remain innocent little machines when connected to the internet.

Your brain.

Smartmetering of electricity consumption, which allows for interfacing with gas and water as well. Although the core rollout guarantees that your data is only accessible by your Network provider and your electricity vendor, like with Facebook, sooner or later you will allow, for free or against services like energy counselling, that your consumption data, anonymously, will be gathered by commercial companies. This data will be browsed through by big data analysis systems. We talking electricity, gas and water consumption. It’s not really like connected things, but it’s part of how all that data can be re-used, recycled and sold back to whoever is in need of that market analysis data.

You say that, but it isn’t inconceivable now that a pacemaker might be one of those things. The damage if that got hacked…

You say that, but it isn’t inconceivable now that a pacemaker might be one of those things. The damage if that got hacked…[/quote]
That already happened several years ago.

They are still developing the idea but I know its on the horizon. Imagine the scenario’s when you yourself gets hacked. But thats why I mentioned it. Its actually gonne happen.

I don’t know about that. The brain is by far one of the most complicated things in the universe, being able to digitalize it would either take a long time or would simply be impossible.

Never say never, Chris, never say never…

I didn’t, only one of the two options I mentioned was never :smiley: