The CNTO Trading Program

Because members seem to enjoy sending each other gifts or other cool stuff I thought it would be nice if we could have a thread in which every member can say what they have to offer or are searching for. Then members can help each other and send each other stuff! Here are the rules.

[] You post if you are offering or seaching for something.
] You include in your post if you’re looking for money or if a trade is also fine (or a combination). If possible give a shipping cost estimate.
[] If you want to help someone out, point it out in this thread so people know it’s been taken care off.
] Discuss private details in a PM with each other, not in here.
[] Post pictures of awesome stuff!
] If trading food or drinks that don’t have an ingrediënt list, because it might be homemade, make sure to include the ingredients so we do not poison our members.