The 2nd CNTO Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Tournament!

(Ladies and) Gentlemen, due to the succes of the 1st Tournament, I will organise another one!
So do you have Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and would you like an excuse to chop my head off, then join!
I will also be giving out a price to the winner of the tournament, either Hitman: Absolution or Supreme Commander 2.

Before I do any scheduling though, you have to sign up on this site so I know when most people can attend.
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For the newbies, here’s the link to the results of the 1st tournament:

Keep on checking this thread so you know when it will happen.

You can count me in!

Listen up, Knights of the Owl-shaped table!

The Owl-council has decided that the tournament will take place on the 8th of March, 2015 at 21:00 GMT +1. In order for any of you to become a contester, you have to sign up on the event, thou shall go there by clicking on the Events button.

The council has also decided that we will no longer be handing out the swords as most of them still have not been returned, so bring your own!

Listen up, folks!

The tournament has been played, and man what a blast. Friendships formed, dreams were crushed. Someone even gave birth whilst fighting with another knight. Fakeless came out as the true, undefeated winner. However, as he also won the 1st tournament, he gave up the price and let Ryujin and Sasa fight it out for the price. Sasa won and the price (Hitman: Absolution) was his to claim.

Top 3:

[center]1st place: Fakeless
2nd place: Chris
3rd place: Sasa

If you want to see the full logs, click on this link:

It was excellent tournament once again. This time even better since we had new participants with really good skills.

Yep, next time we might even be able to defeat Fakeless xD