Technological Impulse Purchase thread!

I thought it would be a fun idea to discuss what the community thinks is the biggest impulse buy they made technology wise. It does not have to be arma or computer related, just technological. Unless you think you got such an amazing story about an off-topic item which makes people laugh :stuck_out_tongue: .

I just bought a second-hand joystick for Arma 3 after [user avatar=“” name=“Berenton”]5892636[/user] made me all jealous of his amazing joystick and how well it preformed (thanks :rollseyes: ). This is the thing that happens to me everytime I receive my study financing. First I go on a -retarded- spending spree, then I buy take out foods cause why not. Then the next 3 weeks im eating noodles and icecubes. Any recognisable situations here?

I regret buying Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, I never fly combat sims and for the civilian flying sims I would be better off with the Cessna yoke.

[user avatar=“” name=“John”]11704860[/user] and me bough PS Eye cameras because we had ambitious plan of making our own TrackIR. Managed to remove the infrared filter from cameras, bought batteries, diodes and never assembled those things.

Every day, when i look at my mouse and keyboard i feel like: :roll:

"What a fucking waste of money, you just pour beer on it anyway!!!"
Razer, Logitech, Roccat, Razer Logitech, Roccat, Roccat, Roccat

and the worst part is… it’s true!
3 out of 4 keyboards died due to be drowned in beer. :cry:

now i have a mechanical one and i hope it may change something the day i pour a nice little Belgian beer over it…

that makes me think… maybe beer is the worst and most money biting buy impulse i developed over the time.

i may have a drinking problem … please don’t …

My biggest impulse buy that I regret at present was a TrackHat IR tracking clip… If it ever arrives I will no longer regret it, but right now I am in CAPS lock screaming matches with their support over where the fuck is the package that was supposed to arrive a month ago. (50 GBP)

Hhmmm impulse buys well recent ones are:

Triumph Daytona 675

Asus ROG G752 laptop so I can keep working for the community even when I am away which I am a lot with the Army.

An extension HP MSA storage array second hand that i now cant use because previous owner does not have the logins for it to reset it.

Bruteforce it? Could just leave a box running to do it, unless it costs too much to run.

Ran rainbow tables on it. No hits after 80 TB rainbowtable. Dont think i will be bruting it any time soon. These systems were made to withstand it. I have some contacts in HP that will be checking for a reset routine and password for me tho.

I am with [user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] for the Warthog HOTAS, number of hours used vs. price… a shame. I used it for Il-2, but setting it up with both components is such a headache spacewise, that i often put the throttle on some other buttons and leave that piece of hardware in the box. And then I thought I ought to have rudder pedals … :undecided: , no further comment.

A second hand dobson telescope I bought as a childhood dream. Went outside 3 times in the cold winter nights (because that is the real astronomer’s season). The excitement to watch Jupiter or Saturn with your own eyes, even as a comparable 10*10 pixel icon, through the eyepiece is there, but the hassle to get the piece of equipment up a hill, to a dark place, sit around in the cold, where you can’t even enjoy a cold beer :slight_smile: , didn’t really make it for me. For all the other astronomical objects you are better off with the pictures internet provides (even with the, unavoidable, artificial coloring) or a visit to a regional telescope installation is probably a better investment. To make a tour of the skymap or learn something about it, a good book or app on your tablet and a decent pair of binocs are most probably good enough. Or it is your only hobby and you invest those 5 figures € into it.
At least for the moon you can almost ever do it from home or garden: A partial eclipse of the moon shot with a Canon550D (another of those impulsive buys) mounted on the telescope.

That and the fact that over the last 20 years I accumulated so many of those things and live in a country where second hand market is dead for reselling stuff and not big enough for a decent ebay community , unlike UK or Germany, makes me probably a champ at this kind of action…shame on me , shame on me. At least there is ebay to buy stuff second hand, from other guys like me :). I wonder if shall not write into Price’s thread… this makes me feel so depressed now ;). I think I should buy something … I always wanted a sailing boat :smiley:

Time for an upgrade…

Might be able to run Arma at 30fps now. Doubt it

People like you make me sick… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Seb :thumb:

I spent my money on new motorbike bolts haha

[user avatar=“” name=“Seb”]7849506[/user] doesn’t kid around when it comes to upgrades !

[user avatar=“” name=“Seb”]7849506[/user]

dachi ban racoon please

Aren’t you paying attention? He can’t anymore…

goat ban racoon please

Joking aside, build pic:

Surprisingly worked first time. Must be something bad in store for me.

Ohh nice Seb!!!

Now check this out I got these: