Teamspeak connecting!

Hey guys. I see a lot of people in our community connect to our ts through the gate house and then move to whatever channel they want to be in, usually the quiet table initially.
Did you know you can set your teamspeak to connect directly to any channel on a server? This can be really handy to just join right into the quiet table with no effort involved.

Here’s how:

When you open teamspeak, you go to Bookmarks up top

From here, you want to click on edit bookmarks. Now if you don’t already have our Teamspeak bookmarked, you should take the time to do it!.

All you have to do is fill in the details like so:

The Default Channel section is where you set the channel you want to connect directly to. You can either type it out if you know the path for the channel OR you can hop into the channel you want to set it to and then press that little box with the checkmark in it once you’re there and it will automatically set it for you.

Once you’re done, just hit ok and now everytime you connect with the bookmark, you’ll hop right on into the channel you set rather than the gatehouse!