Tactics for Arma - Videos 2

Real US Army Training Lessons Videos: (applicable in Arma 3 - I can say the more videos like this you saw the more you want play the real professional army tactics !!! Recommend to watch each video repeatedly.)

  • It takes 3-5 seconds for AR to use it against you - do not run longer - take (hard) cover
    — Mission
    — Enemy
    — Terrain and Weather
    — Troops and Support Available
    — Time Available
    — Civil Considerations


Movement in Urban Terrain

  • Avoid Silhouetting (even shadowing. in night lay in shadows)

  • Avoid Open Areas (easy prey in PvPs)

  • Visual Reconnaissance (look for possible danger - like BMP on crossroad on "sniper" in window)

  • Conceal Movement (its better not being seen - after you are seen - you are target)

  • Move Rapidly (from one cover to another (hard) cover - to limit exposure of enemy weapons)

  • Always assume danger (do not feel safe)

  • Failing recognize Danger Areas (Linear Danger Area - "LDA" - running over roads)

  • Weapon barrel visible behind corner (PvP like KOTH or else PvPs)


US Rifle Squad Organization
(We have TL with GL, AAR, AR, AT positions - USAF is little bit different - if you find it in the video)

SL (1x)

  • controlling the maneuver of the squad
  • training the squad in individual and collective tasks
  • managing the logistical and administrative requitrements of the squad
  • maintaning accountability of soliders and equipment
  • submitting request fo awards and decorations
  • supervising the maintenance of the squads weapons and equipment
  • inspecting the condition of soliders weapons, clothing and equipment
  • keeping the PSF and PL updated on the status of the squad
  • responsibility fo rht ehealth and welfare of both the soldiers and therir dependents
  • ACE, SitRep and Cas reports (Ammo, Casualities, Equipment ?; What is your status ? Casualities ?)
  • Second in command if PLT dies

TL (2x)

  • controlling the movement of his fire team
  • controlling the rate and placement of fire team weapons fire
  • leading his team from the front
  • maintainintg accountability of soldiers and equipment
  • ensures soldiers maintain unit standards in all areas
  • report important informations to SL (3D’s - (alert-contact), direction, distance, desription) ((SL this is Alfa - (1-1/xxx) (red/xxx) we have spotted 3x BMP…)
  • SitRep’s (situational report), ACE, Cas (to SL)


  • Experts with their weapon
  • keep security (watch their sectors)
  • Call out contacts (if spotted, 3D’s - direction, distance, description)
  • use buddy team system (TL+AT, AR+AAR)
  • Calls "man down", "taking accurate fire"…


Map reading - 8 and 10 most important terrain features for Arma 3:
(depression is not on Arma map crated !! - but If you do not see there number - hill alttitude - it s with some skill clearly depression)

Mnemonic technique - look at your fist facing your eyes (to remember the terrain features)

  • hill tops

  • saddles

  • spurs

  • draws

  • ridge

  • cliff

  • valley

  • depression

  • cutt


"""be sure you come back and see the videos again, to be sure you mastered the techniques and knowledge"""