Tactics for Arma 3 - Videos 1

Fire and Maneuver: (4Fs, Find, Fix, Flank, Finish 176-180 Arma manual)

British Army Training Videos:




  • Task: close and eliminate the enemy
  • Approach from covered/concealed way to contact
  • use your squad firepower to keep enemy heads down
  • look for movement, smoke, muzzle flashes, sound, fortification, anything unussual (if you are spotted first)
  • use "roll" technique (prone Q, E) to cover up your possition to not get under accurate fire
  • find good (covered) approach to move into flanking position (final assault position)
  • groups provide covering fire
  • during attack are groups in 90* angle
  • phazes: preparation, reaction on fire, spotting, firefight, assault, fight, reorganization

Individual Fieldcraft (Sneakyness)


Finding the Enemy (Spotting)



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