Tabletop RPGs

Looking for people to join me shooting RPG-7s at desks.

I was bitten by a D&D bug and now I want to start playing Tabletop RPGs again. With Lastmikoi’s Shadowrun campaing being full and having several people queuing for open slots even though the game hasn’t apparently even started yet, I figured I’ll have to find another campaign to play. I’m open for suggestions regarding which game should be played. I’ve got no experience in DMing, so if someone wants to do that - great. If not, I can start practicing and start with some one shot stories.

Who’s in?

I am interested in playing along.

I’d be interested now that shadowrun is on hold.

I’m totally down for this.

I sent Berenton a discord invite to the D&D group a few of us play in (I think he;s enjoyed it so far). I’ll send one to you guys to when your next on discord.

If anyone else is interested, just send me, Goat, Kaleo or Obi a message on Discord.

Ah, yeah, I forgot to update the thread. I’ve joined the group Ozzie’s talking about and have really enjoyed it (currently playing my fourth session in the last three days).

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