T.Master HOTAS X, Now you see it, Now you don't!

As the thread title states one minute the controller is there and the next its bloody gone. I have trawled the forums for an answer but nothing seems to work. I know this stick works as it shows input in ARMA, Windows, FSX and Elite:dangerous

From Main menu>Configure>Controls>Controllers

then customize>show proving ARMA registers input from the controller (using Z rot to demonstrate)

Opened editor to jump into a heli and try it. Low and behold it’s not responding so I check the controllers screen and here we are again

All help would be appreciated as I am about 8 minutes from breaking something.

You’re not the first, there’s this 12 pages thread on BIF about it. Check it out, maybe there’s a solution within.

There’s also a similar bug report on the BIFT.

Thanks bull, sadly these are the same resources I have been checking myself. I have sifted through all 12 pages with no improvement as yet. Guess i’ll keep hacking away at it.

Solved it for the time being by unplugging from main usb’s and routing through keyboard usb ( Corsair Raptor K50) only worked once so far as I have not quit the game to try again through fear of failure

Saitek X-52 did show problems similar to this on other games as well. Seems like present games don’t like joysticks anymore. It’s weird that the main USB’s won’t accept them, as well as the fact that you have to reroute it. Do you have other able USB ports?

I have a ton of USB 3 and 2 ports to choose from yet it only works properly when I use it through the keyboard port. its bloody mental.

FYI Its still happening, god only knows why.

Just to clarify? This is only in ARMA right?

Indeed, Only ArmA.