System advice needed

so i want to upgrade my pc because my q9550 can’t handle the load of arma 3.
I was thinking going AMD FX-8350 and overclock the hell out of it.
What is your view of this approach? Is it worth it our give the extra bucks for an intel i5/i7

Avoid AMD CPUs at all costs. If you’re not dabbling in video/audio/graphics/software, then an i5 is enough. Due to prices I tend to recommend the Haswell i5 4690(K).

Note that Skylake series CPUs are coming around August 15th. They will use the LGA1151 socket and 100 series chipsets. They should be a substantial upgrade to Haswell. Skylake CPUs only support 1.35V DDR3 and 1.2V DDR4.

Hey Tathar, I have no experience with AMD but I have just upgraded to the i5 4690(K) about a month ago and have it moderately over-clocked to 4.3GHz and it works perfectly well so far, when I am running Arma 3 on OP’s it sits at about 50% utilization and only really hit 90-100% when I am also recording my game play.

You could wait for the Skylake chips but depends on how much you have to spend as that will mean a new X99 board cheapest one with really good ratings is this

Also would mean new ram if you go x99 your gonna want DDR4 and thats not cheap at all.

Anyway hope this helps a little bit :thumb: