SWAT 4 and Wargame Red Dragon players

Hey guys I’m looking to see if any of you are up for a game of either SWAT 4 or Wargame: Red Dragon.
[user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/17713582/avatar/small.1552514282.jpeg” name=“Shakan”]17713582[/user] and I are game, if we can get 3-4 more for either game we can have a lot of phun.

Leave in the comments about who is interested in what.

I’ll join at least SWAT 4. I’ve also got the Red Dragon, but I haven’t learned it that well yet.

I only have Red Dragon. But be aware I’m really new to it. (Only 17 hours playtime and I haven’t played it for few months at least)

Yeah I know it is easy to get it. But I played it half a year ago with friends so I’m not really up for it again. But I guess other would like to have access to it.

SWAT4 :thumb: i can do mostly evenings and some weekends

But I’d so be up for it! Played that game like crazy back in the days.

Also [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/4417969/avatar/small.1551569572.png” name=“Tiloup”]4417969[/user] and I are always up for a Wargame RD 2v2 game. Get ready for a whoopin’! :LOL:

Same here with local-network, only working MP version I know of tbh (with dlc)

SWAT 4 is working just fine, used to play it with some of my friend. Would love to play again :slight_smile:

I have a legit version of SWAT4 somewhere (without any dlcs), a box from way back in ~2005, but I have near-zero chance of finding it, so if you can point me to a reasonable substitute, I’d play as well.

I used to love and hate that game. The feeling when you get shot and fail a mission 10 times, no matter how fast your reactions are, is just the thing you need to load up FMJs and kill every damn motherf**ker with a weapon.

[justify]Oh man, this thread makes me nostalgic for Spoony One’s SWAT4 series. 2009 was a looooooooong time ago… :dead:



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