'Sup guys

Another "Chypsian" here,
I just applied for the membership here in your lovely group, hope you guys accept me :slight_smile:

Been playing Arma for quite sometime with Chypsa, Gunny and Spartak.

Very interested in tactical gameplay and having some serious fun with a larger group of players.

Hope we can have some fun soon.

See ya out there…

Another! Seriously, are you guys Herdazian cousins or something?
(Props to anyone who gets the reference!)

I welcome you to CNTO - Chypsian Noctem Tactical Operations! :shock:

It does kinda fit. lol

Welcome to the group Connor!

The more the merrier,Ozzie Croatian Noctem Tatical Operations is better :smiley:

I prefer Chris’ Nude Tactical Operations much more…

The last time you did one of your "nude ops" the police got involved.

I know, sadly you weren’t there though, I prepared a certain cavity especially for you…

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