Sup folks

Hey guys thanks for having me! I’m FireMonkeh but you can call me Fire if your prefer (as long as we are not in a mission and it could cause an "accident" to happen) I am 23 years old and living in England. A big fan of ARMA since OFP but only really been playing online since ARMA 2 with mostly warfare/CTI stuff, I also play a lot of strategy games the rest of the time. I’ve played with a couple groups briefly in ARMA a year or 2 ago however life things got to busy to keep on top of it but now I’m free and definitely up for shooting some bad guys (or good guys really, I’m not picky) with a fun group.

Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Ah, Warfare, such an amazing game-mode. :-d

Hope you enjoy it here at CNTO, looking forward to fighting alongside you.

Yeah, thinking it might be best we call you monkey ^_^’

For some reason your comment triggered this memory in me:


Man, I love spoony when he gets stressed and angry xD

Hey Monkey,

Welcome hope to see you in game soon.


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