Studio Ghibli Fans in this Community?

Good evening guys and girls,

I was wondering (just stumbled over some soundtrack from Princess Mononoke on youtube) if there are any Studii Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki fans. If so, please share your best Studio Ghibli movies with me and maybe some of your favorite scenes!

I, myself, discovered this kind of movies just in the last 5 years. Beforehand i was a huge hater of pretty much everything animated and comic-like. But one day a old friend forced me to watch "Hotaru no Haka" aka "Grave of the Fireflies" and i started to love them.

By the way, i really love the soundtracks of Studio Ghibli and my new favorite movie is "The Red Turtle" (Michaël Dudok de Wit,2016). If you like soundtracks go check atmospheric-music soundtrack thread we filled out back in 2015.

Anyway, leave comments and add some love if you wish to

I’ve written about Ghibli films a fair bit during my uni studies.

Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle are bloody fantastic films. The way that they draw backgrounds boggles my mind; they’re so beautiful.

Then you should give "The Red Turtle" a try… the most beautiful thing i ever saw… very delicate and slow paced but for me this is just perfection to show human emotion and staying supple! A masterpiece for me and totally underrated!


Mononoke Hime was my first anime ever, to this day I still keep it in special place in ma hart. Also spirited away is one of them must see, as it is fantastic piece of art, given the story and composition. Never seen Totoro as I think its fairy tale for girls around the age of 12, might be terribly wrong, change my mind
edit: also if you are interested in some more anime check this out, as I only watch high quality henta… I mean normal anime series
there is around 100days of pure watch time :smiley: not so proud but I regret nothing

[user avatar=“” name=“Jash”]16385839[/user] why did you had to write stuff about this in uni?

I’m an animation student. Had to write some essays for my theory modules, so I picked those as my subjects

When I was in Japan I bought this really cool pot at Studio Ghibli in Tokyo.

Also got a couple of glow in the dark Forest Spirits. :LOL:

I had some time over the weekend and have seen Princess Mononoke (again, after many years) and Spirited Away. I feel like I could write a review of what I liked about both and how they don’t really compare to each other, but that would be for maaaany paragraphs.

The short story is that I loved Princess Mononoke in terms of character design, motivations, slang usage, thought processes and the dramatic exposition of their conflict. Spirited Away wasn’t a bad movie, but I feel it was a decent B-class fairytale - loved the animation, but couldn’t care much about the characters with so many illogical random things happening and the climax of "only love can break the curse" felt incredibly cliché and cop-out to a "western" person like me. Not bad, not exceptional.

I guess I’m more of a "one punch man" kind of guy.

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