Stellaris - Interested in intergalactic relationships?

I’m up for some Stellaris action (although I’m rather a noob), so if you own the game - lets play some :slight_smile:

For those who don’t know - Stellaris is a 4X RTS set in space where your civilization just discovered space travel and are expanding to new territories, discovering the unknown.

Its military/politics/economy game set in Sci-Fi universe.

Here’s a trailer:


Yes its Paradox, yes it has DLC (only host needs to have it for all to use), yes it takes your life away.

I would agree to join but I pause so much and agonize over names of things that I might annoy people.

I’ve put a lot of hours into Stellaris, for those interested in a modded experience here is my steam mod collection:

I’m in! Bought it in August, but never got around to play it.

when are you guys planning on doing a stellaris?

Just bought it downloading now looks cool!!!

So far we have 4 people - me, [user avatar=“” name=“Berenton”]5892636[/user] , [user avatar=“” name=“Price”]9116490[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] .

I’ll drop a doodle to pick a good term for more regular sessions, in meanwhile we can mess around to learn the game.

Edit: Link!

I played it with Abuk only for a bit but would be really cool with all of us :slight_smile: I enjoyed the game…

I just got the game! I’d be interested in playing if anyone is still up for it!

Cherryh 2.0 update and Apocalypse expansion are out today!


Best time to actually play and celebrate :slight_smile:

Here’s what’s in store:


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