Steam Malware

[justify]Hey guys,

I just wanted to warn you about a pretty annoying virus that is currently running around the steam community. Today I already received two automated messages from my friends list trying to spread it further.

Please read the escapist article if you’d like to know more about this.

Don’t end up as worm fodder.[/justify]

Wow, good find. Thanks a lot!

Be carefull with that, friend of I send me that, it looked fishy on first place so I did not opened it .
The dl link look like this, /
It’s always the same DL link but not the same link that does lead to it, I have seen 3 differant so far.

As a last warning that’s what the icon looks like in DL folder

Hm received a steam selfupdater message when I started it. Is this legit or is this also fishy?
Never received a message like that bevor.

What did the message say?