Star Wars Campaign

Please leave overall feedback for the star wars campaign here, your best moments, worst moments

Good fun was had, really enjoyed this one. Ended up PLT commander for 2/4 of the ops and PLT medic for one of them, so got a bit of a weird perspective for most of it. The mods themselves were a bit janky at times, and we’re really set in our ways and tactics, which we perhaps could’ve or should’ve adapted a bit to the very short effective range of our weapons, but we made it work.

All in all, really good times, and thanks to everyone that attended and thanks Chu for making the campaign. I know most of y’all don’t care for Star Wars but it was fun to blast some damn clankers. Chu, def keep making missions, you seemed a bit unsure but this really was genuinely fun.

A bit late to the party, but I’ll leave my two cents.

Immersion-wise the campaign was so good! Especially during the first mission, using blasters and speeder bikes was awesome. The only downside for me was the environment, which was really open some times giving us a hard time to find proper cover, though I can imagine picking maps for Star Wars scenarios must’ve taken a long time and the maps used did reflect quite well the setting seen in the movies and other material from the SW universe. Of course matching fidelity to the series and Arma3 is tough.

A couple of things I would’ve gladly seen are more specific callsigns for units, it felt a bit strange to call units made of troopers with our usual callsigns. Also, our loadouts were a bit short on ammo (especially during the first two missions), and we ended up spraying the droids with a lot of energy cells. Last, on the skill and amount of droids we fought I would’ve preferred to see more in terms of number of droids, perhaps with a ridiculously low precision in firing since I got headshot multiple times.

All in all though it was very nice to see something different and that visually resembles a universe I enjoyed. Thanks for the big effort you put into it Churizo!