Spontaenous Alpha test - a Game most Dangerous in Zargabad - The more the merrier

This Sunday 21st of June. Server up since 17:00 . Private channel on TS.

Server : PW: ‘the one you know ;)’
modset :@acre2, @allinarmaterrainpack, @cba_a3
You are given a quarry you have to kill before the poison takes its toll on you. Weapons are found in vehicles. Don’t leave the game area. you have a GPS and your quarry is marked on the map. Have fun !

Short but conclusive. Besides some little bugs to iron out on the score counting and making it dedicated server compliant, the real challenge is to balance out vehicle spawning and their precious loadout. But I think we are almost there to be able to announce an informal event on a mission less day or after a training event, but through the CNTO calendar.

I’ll keep you posted.