SpaceStation 13: Space, Monkeys and Carps

Following the trend of the fortnightly DnD sessions, I would like to present to the community a multiplayer game, with a very old school feeling but probably one of the strongest space opera sandbox feeling you could get.

I name thy Space Station 13.

The game’s more than ten years old and multiple versions of it exist, all running on the "BYOND" gaming platform.
What I would suggest is gathering up a group of people interested in playing and play for 4 hours on a semi-regular basis.

I already have a SS13 server running on my infrastructure, hosting the BayStation12 version, which has this awesome spanking new and revolutionary map:

The game is extremely complex, and fairly complicated. Barrier to entry is not to be taken on lightly, but once you’re in, you’re in for good.

We should look at ~10 participants to do anything sensible, but even if we don’t reach this goal I’d still recommend interested players to join the official role-playing server of the BayStation12 version of SpaceStation13:

Make sure to voice your interest !

I’m super interested! Always wanted to get into this!

Oh yes, I tried this one out a few years ago, but I found it to be harder to learn than Dwarf Fortress because of the wonkyness and input lag of the server.

I’d love to check it out again.

Oh boy this looks nerdy. I always kinda wanted to play a game like that. I’d say count me in but for now I’ve got a shit ton of stuff in my life to deal with :confused: I’m looking forward to playing this one day!

I would be interested.

I would be interested as well!

So it’s like dwarf fortress in space?

No, they’re different. However, what is common between them is that they’re both mostly played by masochists.

Since only 6 lads showed interest in the idea, we can’t really commit to doing private gaming sessions. I’d recommend everyone interested to check out the community which daily hosts ~50 players in that awesome station.

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