Space Hulk: Deathwing

Fans of the Emperor , heretics, Space Hulk is coming our way in this year of 2016.

But, I won’t be surprised that not so many of you wouldn’t have heard of this yet.
Space Hulk, Deathwing looks to me as a promising game, think Left 4 Dead, think Space Marines (W40K), and you have here relatively good picture of what Space Hulk should be.
As there is not no muck information about the game out there expect few screenshot, 3 teaser, and a behind close doors leaked video of gameplay poorly filmed at E3, I’ll leave you guys here with few of these pictures, a teaser and the link to the website, Enjoy.


I hope it’s unforgivingly hard :d

i love the trailer music xD

I will totally play this with you guys :slight_smile: L4D gameplay with Warhammer style … sounds fu**ing awesome to me!

I offer that with Vermintide and only Clarke responds. Curse you all…


I thought "Vermintide" is something totally different. But, it isn’t …

It’s kinda missing the WHOLE point.
Terminator armors.

[quote user_id=“4417969” avatar=“” name=“Tiloup”]It’s kind amissing the WHOLE point.
Terminator armors.[/quote]

HAHA … Jeah i see … and the really big guns :wink:

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