Some sort of Carpe Noctem Narrative?

I know it’s not really the style of carpe noctem, and it’s probably creating work for the mission creators, but I love creating narratives, and missions with story behind them. So I was wondering if anyone is on-board with the idea of a long-running campaign with a series of connected missions?

My idea is thus… since arma 3 is set in the future, I’m thinking we have a timeline of events based on the political environment of today and predictions of the future, with multiple flashpoints. It could be durin or after the second cold-war, where russia and nato are un-officially and unspokenly at war, remain in an economical dead-lock, where conflicts in africa and the middle east with ISIS and Boko Haram are becomming increasingly prevailant, the US has dwindled in power, and a nationalist movement in Altis is being actively suppressed by Euroforce. Euroforce has been formerly established and europe has a joint military budget. I think since we are mostly european we should all be members of Euroforce. CSAT, or the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty, comprised of china and various countries such as iran is growing in influence and both the European Federation (Now a major world power) and CSAT are battling politically over places like Turkey and greece at the crossroads of east and west, offering incentives or threatening with sanctions. I want to capture the tension of things boiling over, the edginess, the dick waving of various world powers, and ultimately, how it feels to be a soldier fighting another highly trained fighting force on the front-lines during The End Times

Players will start fighting basically trained militias, suppressing the nationalist movements in greece, fighting Boko Haram in africa, all the while taking absolute care not to cause collateral damage or create political shit-storms that will dynamically affect the campaign. Ultimately the difficulty ramps up and the players find themselves balls-deep in a conflict with a highly organized fighting force belonging to a world power, with their own resources dwindling to the point that they’re forced to fend for themselves and use guerilla tactics.

If that’s something you’d be into I can devote time into writing a good narrative, and help design the missions. Please let me know what you think.

John Price

I don’t know what to choose … :slight_smile: first possibility seems quite … emm … aaahh… Wrong?

Wow I was gripped

I know a lot of us like this and we did have some intertwined stories in the past.

You get my vote!

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But, could we at least get a better story than in porn? None of that standing in base gearing up, and you jump like 10 seconds ahead and you’re suddenly knee deep in action :wink:

I like the idea of having campaigns across different maps, and the whole big picture narrative. I personally am always up for that, mostly because a while ago in my BF2 community we have had such PvP campaigns that lasted up to 6 months. But we also had ~5 guys writing the "newspaper headlines" and the whole back story of the campaign making it truly immersive.

If we could get couple of guys together to write out the story and help design mission scenarios, that would be a big help to Mission Making branch.

You made me spray my tea xD

Yes I could deffinately be on board for the writing, and mission design and I could be an assistant game master during play and missions i’m not partaking in too, I’ve got the time, especially the next few months.

It looks like my Multiple-Zeuses code request might actually be useful.
This can allow as many players as Clarke’s template allows to take over AI for role playing or more dynamic combat purposes:

if (isServer) then { [] spawn { { _x addCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles,true]; _x addCuratorEditableObjects [(allmissionobjects "man"),false]; _x addCuratorEditableObjects [(allmissionobjects "air"),true]; _x addCuratorEditableObjects [(allmissionobjects "ammo"),false]; } forEach allCurators; while {true} do { { _curator = _x; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [allunits,true]; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles,true]; } forEach allCurators; sleep 5; }; }; };

Thanks and credit to Belbo and Cruoriss from the BI forums.

This is very true, It would take the strain off gamemasters who have to focus on different things at once and make for much more convincing behavior on the part of NPCs, drivers, pilots etc.

These are both awesome, the campaign narratives (which we already have a little bit) and the multiple GM code.

Even though I love shooting baddies, it’s more interesting to have a reason to shoot them. I would love a good story behind our missions.

I’d be up for helping with writing the story/making up scenarios, so message me if ya need any help :smiley:

I dont know how I feel about this plan but Im interested on what will come out of it. I support. If anything goes bad we can always just go back doing normal missions that doesnt tie into the story.

How would this exactly work out? What would you need to have/do to take another AI?

According to Belbo:

[quote name=“For a GM to take over a unit, it has to be added to the curatorEditableObjects. Add this to your mission’s init.sqf to add all editor-placed vehicles, units or crates and every mission-spawned unit to all curators”][/quote]

It is possible to have more than 1 GM slot in the template, right?

Hello Price,

I think this sounds awesome and would be happy to help out as much as I can. One suggestion if that’s all right could Carpe Noctem be like a Special Unit within the EuroForces we already have the squad XML and think it would be a really cool story line. Anyway this is really exciting and the possibilities are endless.

All the Best,

Since we are Carpe Noctem, "Sieze-The-Night" does that mean we are a special night ops team?

Me and Chris came up with a timeline of events, it’s pretty WIP

[] Nationalist sentiment increases across Greece, capitalizing on poverty and outrage at the EU, offering aid to those families that need it and speaking out against the EU.
] Turkey’s population starts an uprising against Erdoğan.
[] The uprising succeeds and Turkey gets split into 3 parts:
] The western part of Turkey becomes a part of Bulgaria, thus becoming a part of the EU.
[] Istanbul becomes an independent city-state and quickly becomes one of the most important cities in the world due to it’s location between the West and East.
] The eastern part of Turkey remains independent, however it starts to favor the East as partner instead of the West (the EU).
[] The second cold war comes to an end, both the US and Russia are in the midst of an economic crisis.
] Due to the world wide sanctions Russia becomes a failed state. However, the US quickly depletes all it’s oil reserves and can’t fuel it’s army and starts the process of retreating it’s forces from both hostile and allied territories.
[] As US-Allied nations in South-East Asia are no longer protected by the US, China is now able to annex Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Macau and Tibet.
] After Ali Khamenei dies, a new Supreme Leader is elected in Iran, Amid Halu.
[] Israel loses the support of the US. The right-wing Netanyahu administration is replaced with a much more negotiable, and peaceful administration, similarly in palestine, through viral social media, the support for Hamas dwindles and peaceful sentiment becomes popular.
] The Islamic State is destroyed by an alliance of the Arab league. CSAT is formed between various middle eastern states and China.
[] However, remnants of IS manage to flee west into and gain a foothold
] The EU disintegrates, and is reformed as the United States of Europa.
[] EuroForce is is formed.
] China’s population keeps on growing as it’s government doesn’t enforce the 1 child-policy anymore since it’s government becomes less and less communist. Once it has around 1.7 billion people it’s economy can’t support the population.
[] The Chinese government falls, however it doesn’t become a failed state because it receives support from other CSAT.
] Iran is now the most important country in CSAT and CSAT quickly becomes a democratic, Islamic state. China’s culture drops and it’s population slowly becomes more and more Islamic, making the Islam the biggest religion in the world.
[]The Opulence of cities like Qatar and Dubai comes to a bloody end, in a series of coups. The cities, no longer aligned with the west, default to CSAT
]Evidence of CSAT involvement in the arming of nationalist uprisings in the Aegean is brought to light, though the CSAT deny any involvement.
[]East Turkey aligns with CSAT over Europe, leading to sanctions, embargos and a breakdown of relations.
]In exchange for military bases in the Aegean, CSAT transparently begins to support nationalist rebellion in greece.

The third cold-war begins.


Do you guys take into account the maps and factions we can play with, when making the backstory? What becomes with Russia? Russians are the biggest faction we can play against when it comes to all different toys and uniforms.