Some small meet up?

Soooo I’ve just bought a ticket for open’er festival and I realised I have no friends… It came to me as a shock. Then I thought "heeeeeey what about the owls?". The line up is fucken great, it’s Poland so the festival and everything else is cheap(for westerners at least) so you need like 250-300 EUR for everything if you decide to live in a tent there(+the money you’ll pay to get here).

That’s the kind of event some of you might come for to Poland and I’ll be there :smiley: Some of the bands that I like that will be playing: Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Depeche Mode, Post Malone.

If you decide to come, tell me. I’ll have my CNTO patch for recognition :smiley:

Looked interesting mate but unfortunately I am on a Course. Have fun though.