So what kind of music ya'll in?

I always thought that sharing what kind of music you’re into can open up people and maybe add 1 band to your playlist so what do you listen to guys and girls?

I am personally the kind of person that listen to everything except disco polo and techno. But two winners are rock and rap. Though rock is THE winner :smiley:

My grove right now is Red Hot Chilli Peppers(for quite a while now), Led Zeppelin(probably since I was born as my parents listened to them a lot!) and my recent finding Royal Blood.
It’s actually fun journey for me with Royal Blood. I remember responding to some comment on YT on some song and this guy responded to me back that I might like them. I thought to myself "naaah they’re probably shit, I won’t bother" but then… I realised I have nothing better to do so I checked them out. Their 1st album cover… Blew my mind, I was intrigued, first 3 seconds of the 1st song, my new favourite band. Later I found out that they are literally 2 people. Bass/singer+drummer. That blew my mind as they sound like 3 or sometimes 4 people playing.

There’s also rap, so skipping the Polish ones I like Cypress Hill or some Whiz Khalifa or Post Malone appeared on the horizon. They’re all nice. There are also those findings of mine like those women that have angel voice and play acoustic songs like Daniela Andrade(she’s actually amazing)

There are also bands like Pink Floyd, Oasis, David Bowie and all that but I won’t list every band I like, that’d take too long :smiley:

And for the finisher, the Royal Blood 1st album cover.

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I am a big fan of Royal Blood - as most others I heard them first after watching an Arctic Monkeys concert where the drummer was wearing a t-shirt with their band name on. RB basically blew up after that.

As you can guess I’m a huge Arctic Monkeys fan and I can only suggest you listen to every single song of theirs. It’s classic rock, alternative and lately somekind of fusion between R&B and rock with a bass that just sounds too good in the car.

Other than that it’s Dire straits, RHCP, AC/DC, The Libertines, Green Day, Muse, Queen and on and on and on.

I also like some rap - Kanye, Post Malone, Eminem and such.

Basically I could talk music for hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh my dear love [user avatar=“” name=“Tropical”]16434735[/user] :

This is a question i love to ask people!
But damn, i hate to answering it!

Let me show you why:
So currently the Track i listen the most would be Ashitaka Sekki (Mononoke Hime) - Joe Hisaishi. It’s pure classical, film music if you want so.
But right now i’m also very hung up by a old track called Planetary Duality 2 - The Faceless, somehow progressive technical-death metal.

There you go with two of my favorites: Classic and Metal.

Other than that i like some Hip Hop and Rap, but i’m very picky:
Always something i can listen to: Jedi Mind Tricks where i like a few tracks like Uncommon Valor, Shadow Business, Seven, Blood in Blood Out and Animal Rap.
and don’t forget about Dälek, that’s some crazy shit =)

And there is a lot of other Music i like:
Thylacine - Transsiberian Album - slow and pretty melodic electro
Sophie Hunger - a very very very awesome musician from Switzerland. Live performance is just best thing ever!!!
Muse - Pretty much all the CD’s from Showbiz up to Black Holes and Revelations and don’t forget the Hullabaloo Soundtrack (if you find out why, i love you).

I could go on and on and on… I think i have a preference for stuff that is very technical or just reaches out hard to my emotions. That’s what music is made for no? Make you feel happy, sad, dizzy, angry, crazy… whatever you want. Something you can enjoy in whatever situation you’re in.

I’m gonna chime in with some electronic music, big fan of drum and bass, whether it’s chill/ liquid dnb from the likes of Feint and Etherwood, more upbeat stuff like High Contrast or Sub Focus. I don’t often listen to the heavier stuff because I can’t play it while I’m working, but I do love some dirty beats too.
[spoiler=Chill DnB]
[spoiler=Bit more perky]
[spoiler=Gurning hard]
I like most other EDM too, but special mention has to go to vicetone (filthy bass) and mako (cheesy as fuck)
[spoiler=Not DnB]
[youtube]awimSQD2Dyo[/youtube] - not even proposed yet, but this is 100% getting played if I do get married.

On the pop side, I like Cash Cash, Galantis, yes, even some from the Chainsmokers :slight_smile: Also love almost everything from Two friends: Stream Two Friends ft. Breach The Summit - Long Way Home by Two Friends | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
I’ve also been listening to DJTrademark’s mashups a lot lately, this one in particular is great: Listen to Tell Me (Galantis X Throttle X Sigala) by Trademark in Mashups playlist online for free on SoundCloud

It’s funny how these lists change over time, so many I wanted to mention, but I think this list is getting too long already, sorry for the formatting!

I like Cuban Bossa Nova

Oh cmon Anders, I know Arctic Monkeys :smiley: Actually I didn’t get to know Arctic Monkeys from Royal Blood or the other way around. I’m special :smiley: I need to get more through their songs because I only know those popular ones and a little bi less popular than the most popular ones.

BTW Honourable mention in my music taste: Cigarettes After Sex. I don’t smoke nor do I have sex(forever alone) but the band is nice :stuck_out_tongue: Unbelievable voice by the vocalist

All I’ve been listening to lately is Grunge. Nirvana, Alice in chains, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, little bits of early Green Day, System of a Down (because I’ve been listening to them since I was like 12)

All so good. If I had to pick a small handful of songs, I’d go with ‘Aneurysm’, ‘Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle’ and ‘You know you’re right’ by Nirvana; lesser known, but absolutely bloody fantastic songs by the biggest band in the movement, as well as ‘Today’ - The Smashing Pumpkins, and ‘Creep’ - Radiohead, more famous songs from less famous bands, and ‘Cochise’ - Audioslave, which for me was one of those songs that I’ve definitely heard before but don’t remember when or why

Trance, disco, electro and The Offspring, Children of Bodom, Rattle Bucket, Metallica, Nightwish, Rammstein, Pennywise, Linkin Park, Daniel Landa and hundret others :smiley:

For some reason I’m really into Pogo right now, here are some of his remixes, or as he calls them "pogomixes":