Skylords of Panthera feedback

Hi everyone, I’m looking to get some feedback on the Skylords of Panthera, for those that attended! Glad people seemed to like it.

Current ideas:

  • Add a new lose condition where all turrets are damaged as you’ve lost by that point anyway
  • Stop it from kicking you out if you select a slot that you can’t move to.
  • Make the subs face the correct direction on mission load
  • Fix the hints about damage
  • Add a new weapon type of some sort? Suggestions?

Any other ideas are welcome. No autocannons!

I would like to see more ammo for the tanks. I’ve had it a few times that I ran out on one of the tanks making it unusable.

  • tow (maybe op, although might be hard to hit at speed or at long / short range)
  • spg (might not be substantially different if the main guns remain as tank guns)
  • miniguns (maybe on the helicopter?)

The tanks could be a little weaker, to make make that fail state more achievable, and easier to force somebody to turn around.