SITREP & OPREP 13 & 15 Oct 2015

Some interesting stuff to do with changes to the hit point and stamina systems

Stuff about changes to firing from vehicles and adding custom layers to Eden Editor.

An awesome video highlighted here by Leutin09 showing a Zeus playthrough (with Ares installed), showing the setup and mission phases. Well worth a watch for anyone who likes to be god, or people like me who just want to get an idea of what it’s like. It was fascinating to watch!


I should do a MCC video soon to show what we use that part of mission running for. Ares is amazing. Its my 1truluv haha. Can’t wait to get it in the repo, especially for the utilities he’s shown (like removing things from zeus)

I’ve always wanted to do a commentary while I’m running a mission to show how I personally curate an experience for you guys, but I’ve never really had the time to edit a 3 hour long video such as that which is a shame.

On topic: The Eden editor is looking rather well fleshed out already, and I’ve been able to mess around with it on the dev branch. It is definitely a step-up from the 2D editor, but I will be missing the old gripes of the now "old" mission editor.

[justify]I really like the upcoming changes to damage and stamina, this will hopefully further enhance our A3 experience. Can’t wait to hear more details on this topic. Thanks for sharing with us, Ozzie.[/justify]