Siege of Rahmadi miniOP Saturday 19th

1970, Sahrani’s democractically elected president has been executed and replaced with a military dictator. Due to their bombing of civilian and military targets alike still loyal to the previous regime, the United Nations has stepped in and sent peacekeepers to key areas of Sahrani. Rahmadi is one such location, a tiny island off the coast. It is a vital airstrip we use as a staging point for all of our aid choppers and planes, but has since been cut off from ressuply by requisitioned civilian trawlers fitted with anti-air weaponry.

Your company has been tasked with the defense of the east side of the island. The first line fell rapidly to the enemy, who stormed the beaches in the night and set up a beach-head only a few hundred meters away from our position in defile. Attempts to dislodge them have proven fruitless and resulted in several wounded, we just do not have the numbers. We are expecting them to launch an assault on the town any hour now. We have wounded in the buildings of the town and cannot afford to give up our positions.

We have precious little time to prepare. High command cannot reach us with supplies or reinforcements, yet deems it nessecary that we hold the island to the last bullet. Dig in, pass the ammunition, and by God’s grace we will survive the night.

Do not fire unless fired upon. The enemy may be willing to negotiate.

Airsofting that day or else I’d absolutely attend.

Looks really good mate wish I could attend sorry dude hope it goes well.

Might move the date to another date. A lot of people have the same problem with saturday from the polls…

I may or may not make it, depends on how far I get in that day’s community cup

Would people attend if I moved the date to monday?

I think I could :slight_smile:

Going on the data from my poll, i’ve moved the mini op to next saturday.

[justify]From several past mini-ops and testing sessions, that I’ve organised a year ago, I’ve gathered that most important for a successful unofficial event is to make it public as far in advance as possible. The day itself was not really that important, though of course it shouldn’t collide with official events. Ideally at least two weeks, better three. In the meantime one has enough time to remind people verbally (at mission debriefs or generally on TS) as well as via the forums to sign up and commit to the event.[/justify]