Sharpur Oil Refinery Defense

ION, Incorporated, hereafter referred to as the COMPANY, and the CONTRACTOR agree to enter into a new formal arrangement commencing on the SIXTH (6) Day of the NINTH (9) Month of the year TWO THOUSAND AND TWENTY (2020), hereafter referred to as the OPERATION.

COMPANY requires CONTRACTOR to deploy into the strategic area of responsibility in Sharpur, hereafter referred to as the AOR, to execute the terms of the OPERATION.


What started as the threat of takistani Insurgents from the mountains beginning to siphon crude oil from the Sharpur Oil Refinery has escalated into the threat of complete loss or destruction of the refinery, following a very successful civil war. The rebels have secured many takistani military bases and even armoured vehicles. The oil company, worried about the facility being the target of an armed take-over, terrorist attack or otherwise have employed our services to safeguard their assets.

Insurgent movements captured over the last few days indicate they are preparing for an attack, and are believed to be well supplied with arms and explosives. The Refineries and Oil Storage facilities must not be lost. Small groups of Insurgents could attack at any time, though you must prepare for the main assault and set up mines and sandbags to the north before the enemy arrives. You can expect many armoured vehicles as well as mortars. It is likely the bulk of the rebel army will want to obtain the facility intact in order to finance their expansion and fuel their vehicles, however the intentions of the insurgents from the mountains are unknown.

(ION Contractors)


Equipment of choice.
4x Quadbikes
1x ION Technical
1x ION Pickup Truck
1x ION Armoured Car
1x ION Armoured Car MG
1x ION Orca "Queen Bee"
1x ION Armed Littlebird "Kestrel"
1x ION Armed Greyhawk Drone "Wyvern" and terminal
8x Titan Compact with 24x AT rockets
2x Deployable Titan missile system.
3x Deployable MG
2x Deployable GMG
1x Mortar


Contractors will assume a sparse defensive perimeter in small teams of 2-4 to defend the airfield, oil storage and refineries. It is advised that the airfield remains in ION hands, as we can use it to re-arm our greyhawk drone, "Wyvern" which will be critical to eliminating armoured targets. It is also adviseable to keep control of the military base as that is where our helicopters, vehicles and equipment are. They are expensive and hard to replace, and the money will come out of your paychecks. When the main rebel assault force is sighted, move north and man the defenses.

We win when the rebel army has been routed.

We lose if any of the refineries are destroyed, or if we are routed or wiped out.