ShackTac Nades

[justify]Here’s a sneak peak on the grenade throwing system Dsylexci was developping since A2 but didn’t have time to finish:[/justify]


Need this. I was also wondering if we could integrate it with this. instead of setting high throw, low throw, drop etc how long you hold down g determins the strength of your throw. Of course this might lead to some… accidents.

i really hope the community comes up with something that works well and handy … right now (at least for me) there is more danger to yourself than to the enemy if you trow a grenade :slight_smile:

This solution is very arcadeish. I like it for predictability, but not for the looks. Even when throwing granade or basket ball you are not extremely accurate, so I dont think you should be ingame. I’d like something like throw strenght, the longer you hold the key the further it throws, easier to learn and get skilled at than switching different throw modes.

Edit: More or less what [user avatar=“” name=“Price”]9116490[/user] suggested.

Also possibility to cook the granade would be pretty handy.

"boil for 3 seconds and serve hot"

I like the UI/mod not because of its looks or accuracy, but because of predictability (engine-wise). When throwing a grenade out the window (IRL), you can’t aim it exactly, but you sure as hell won’t hit the window frame. The close range accuracy/predictability is what needs to be addressed.
In the end, the "dots" can be just a rough estimation ("what you’re aiming at"), inaccurate at medium to long ranges - you might not hit the exact rooftop, but you will throw the grenade over the wall that’s in front of you.

Maybe ACRE2-like slider for throw strength. :slight_smile:

I’d rather see a semi-transparent 3D cone then instead. or 2D circle on screen reacting to obstacles.

I don’t see a reason to implement this. Arma/ACE’s grenade throwing is very accurate if you know how to use it. The only problem is really the skipping of the grenade which doesn’t occur in real life.

Throwing a grenade through a window within four meters is not hard. If you change to precise throw the grenade will come out directly infront which with two or three tries you’ll master perfectly.

A strenght indicator would be nice for things like lopping grenades over walls or buildings.

[justify]There are some further functions to this system than shown in the OP video. Dslyecxi has been working at this for a while and according to his latest tweets it seems to be ready for roll-out soon.

In this older video most of the functions are shown in detail, although he might have added new ones in the meantime:[/justify]


With regards to the visual of the predicted path of the grenades, yes in real life you wouldn’t see them, but also in real life you would have better depth awareness and less chance of when trying to throw something around a corner, throwing something directly at the wall instead and blowing up…