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Hello Guys,

Not sure where to post this thought it would be the most appropriate, anyway I have some screenshots from OP’s I have been on and was wondering if you would like them so you can add them to the Relevant Gallery or sort through them to see if any are worthy?

I will Upload them all and share the links below and organise them into OP’s. If you don’t want any of them I will not take it personally.

Best Regards,

Return of Mr Clarke,

Combined Arms Training,

More Combined Arms and with some mine clearance,

Some nice action shots in the gallery below.

Darling I can’t help Gallery,

United Sahrani the one where Harpy got blown up.

Hi Dachi

I primarily control the gallery when it comes to everything else than the "Arma 3 operations" folder. You’re allways welcome to send me pictures that you have taken in ops and if you’re really interested i’m sure we can figure something out about getting you into the war photographer team.

Anyways I’ll take a look at your pics and download + edit the ones we can use. Bear in mind that the ones that goes into the operation folders have to show us in some way. Either fighting or making some kind of move. They also have to have some kind of artistic view and be hud-less. We cut out the outer hud but things like pop-up menus, and on screen writing ("open door", nametags etc.) can not be cut out so pictures with these in are not able to get into the albums. But thanks for uploading these. I’ll check them out now :slight_smile:

Thanks Anders,

I will continue to keep taking photos and now I know what your looking for I will endeavour to make them usable :idea:
Yeah think I will submit a branch App this week because I like getting good photos and looking to help the community in anyway I can.

[justify]I’ll might make a sub forum for this kind of stuff so Graphic Design team won’t be confused. :LOL:[/justify]

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