Scanning The Horizon 2017 - Brief showcase of new DLC's for A3

Jay Crowe ( <3 ) is speaking about new stuff coming to our beloved game:


What do you guys think?

Oh, and the bundle can be pre-ordered on steam already:

Holy shit, 22 euro? Keep dreaming BI…

Tanks DLC is probably the most useful one coming out for this community assuming it fixes the crap mechanic it currently uses. Since aircrafts are barely used I doubt jets will add much (Unless someone wants to start running dogfighting miniops). Orange seems eyecandy and Tact-Ops is just waste of money. I would buy the tanks DLC and leave a question mark on Orange. Jets maybe if community is set on adopting it.

As for jets dlc, they’ll make it like helicopter dlc, it will be available to those who buy it without paywalls but you can see it for yourself without, and it won’t effect you on the ground. I know there are some scandinavian players who would love to see the Gripen fighter soaring around and keep the skies clear for us. The platform update is most important, as it will drastically improve the fighter jet gameplay, and several mod developers will adapt. Namely the creator of the Eurofighter Typhoon mod who is also working on F-35s is hesitant to release before jet dlc to see what it will bring to the table, and I think the eurofighter would be an excellent addition to our arsenal once it’s finished. So think of it as a totally free high quality Eurofighter dlc if the gripen, f22 and other high tech planes don’t appeal to you and you don’t buy it. You can try it out in arma 2 or arma 3 (without some features) here

Somehow I am not thrilled at all about these DLC themes but bugfixes are always welcome.