S.T.A.L.K.E.R RPG recruitment

Hey folks!
Any Stalker fans out here?
If so, me and two of my friends are looking for a few more people to join our Stalker RPG since we’re having a bit trouble with people showing up. We currently have 3 players, out of which one barely ever shows up + a DM. So we’ll be having open slots for 3 more players.

If you’re interested, PM and I’ll tell you more details!

Ps. Get out of here STALKER!


Yes, we play it on Roll20.

AAAaaaawww shit. Didn’t think I’d find a Stalker fan, ever. I’d like to join very much. But I’m struggling with time as is, I haven’t attended last 2-3 sessions on Obi’s DnD campaign. How often do you guys play and at what times?

Curious but as ryujin says. Depends on when.

Thus far we have only played once a week on weekends, usually Saturdays or Sundays. Our next session will be in two weeks.

We are all playing Obi’s campaign on Sunday evenings. I can’t commit to more than about one a fortnight on Saturdays. In fact my only free evening seems to be Thursday, when officer meetings tend to happen. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take part.

That’s a shame, I appreciate the show of interest though.

I’m also interested but as with the others, my college got me really low on time, so until further notice it’s a no-go.

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