Running 1 DnD session the 13th of September ! Sign up !

Hey guys, I’ve been running a DnD campaign with my friends after I got contaminated by the virus by Kaleo, Obi and the others. Now after I’ve ran about 12 sessions offline in dutch. I want to try my hands on an English session. So I got a dungeon prepped and a story about it in our current play world. It’ll be a 3 to 4 hour session with some back story, and you guys can play with the character you already used or new ones. Send me the character sheet so I got your details and I can put them in the story :slight_smile:
Join the event in our event list if your interested or send me a PM :slight_smile: Ideally would be that we have about 5 guys but I’d take anything up to 7 or as low as 3 :slight_smile:

I would but I already have plans. Last day of my current job.

Shiny, give people a date to work with. It’s a courtesy you show when organizing events. Next week people could see this thread and think ‘oh boy, D&D!’.

That said, clarify what level your dungeon is built for, and for how many players. People need to know what they’re working with.

Doesn’t really matter. And there’s a date on the event :slight_smile: I will finalize the dungeon when I received the everyone’s sheet that signed up. You can roll your characters up to level 3 :slight_smile: So far I got 1 sign up !
Also for those that are familiar with the Mira setting, we play in the 3rd age about 200 years in :slight_smile:

Which reminds me: if anyone new to dnd wants some help with creating a character and/or general rule feel free to pm me.

And if you want help creating your character’s background, feel free to pm me. Apparently I’m good at that.

I want to revoke my participation because im REALLLLY busy at school right now (we have to do 10 weeks of learning in 8 weeks) so I dont have time on my hands for making a character nor making the sessions but i shure hope you have fun guys

I assume we’re going to play on, could you please provide the link so we can create characters there?

Yep I hand out the roll20 links in a PM once you signed in or send me a PM. So check your inbox :slight_smile:

Also, I assume it’s 13th september?


First session was good ! On to the next one and the last one for now :slight_smile:

Good to hear. Shane you managed to run this when i was drinking heavily. If i am free next time i will listen in.