Rome 2 Total War - Multiplayer Battles

Hello Guys…

After playing some years of Total War Games i finally found some interest in the Multiplayer Battles.
After watching some Heir Of Carthage and THFE Channel playing Battles i really start to think of playing more often Online Battles! But it’s hard to find players and as a total NooB i need some assistance :wink:

If you want to play some Battles… add me on steam "Dulabu"!!!

Maybe i need to be a little bit more precise about what game i want to play: t’s Rome 2

i am definitely up for it but i need to buy the game first :smiley:

Nice :smiley: go for it … but maybe wait Steam-Sale!!

For anybody who wants to join you have it on g2play for 13 euros

Well, if you’re ever up for a campaign (and have time to complete it) hit me up :smiley:

Always down for some battles, you know where to find me. :thumb:

Am a bit out of practice but would be well up for it!

Always ready for Rome 2

Awesome … :slight_smile: nice guys … we can even go for some 2on2 :slight_smile: this must be fun!

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