Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Open BETA

Rising Storm 2 is playable for free for few days(probably until release) and I must say this game is FREAKING AWESOME. I had a feeling at some point that it will be a clone of Rising Storm 1 which… was fun but now just feels outdated but yesterday I saw that you can download Rising Storm 2 for free and thought that it’s prefect oportunity to check if I was right or wrong. And BOY! I was wrong! This game is great! Solid 9/10. It still feels like you’re playing Rising Storm or Red Orchestra 2 but it’s better in every aspect. EVERY aspect.

I urge you to try it as it is really fun and… downloading 6.5GB to check a game out for free doesn’t hurt. THAT SHIT’S GOOD!!

Ooh I’ll probably check it out. If any of you guys are up for some shenenigans hit me up :smiley:

I’ve pre-ordered and played the beta a bit. Only problem I had was I can see some of maps getting a bit choke pointy as the players get better defenders might get a but of major advantage. It depends on lots of things. Hopefully once everyone is squaded then up game play will get interesting.

I wouldn’t say that there are serious choke points. Yes there are places hard to take over but I never felt like there’s a choke point. People just don’t work together and that leads 20 people to die at literally the same place. If you have good team leader and some squad leaders that give nice arty markers it becomes a matter of time before you can push a fair bit further

Yeah I they are definitely what a BF or COD player would call a choke point I am thinking of the river in hue and the first set of trenches on hill. Perhaps I was stuck in relatively weak teams when I was attacking on those maps. The game is very dependent on good commanders and squads. I was a game I enjoyed more the more I played which I couldnt really say for insurgency.

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