RHS Escalation

As in AGM thread, I’m going to take the opportunity to hype everyone to new RHS Escalation update. It brings loads of new stuff. I don’t have time to look all of it right now, but I’m definitely going to compile my list of favourites. Just from glancing the changelog I can see it’s going to be very exciting.

RHS Escalation v0.3.5


  • Fixed & improved heli hitpoints
  • Added slingload ability to CH47 & UH60
  • Removed radar from Bradley
  • Fixed maxFordingDepth for M1, M2, M109 & M113
  • Fixed m113 bottom textures
  • Added resolution LODs to M113
  • Improved M113 fire geometry
  • Improved m113 gunner view
  • Added new muzzle flash to M113A3
  • Fixed M1 hitpoints (added track hitpoints, tweaked turret hitpoints)
  • Added slingload ability to M1025
  • Fixed ELCAN mipmaps
  • Changed M249 magazine mass
  • Replaced weapon modes with isSelected on at launchers
  • Fixed stinger missile still inside tube after launch
  • Added sight folding on at4
  • Changed Bradley he-t tracer
  • Reduced lag in gunner view while firing Bradley autocannon
  • Added slingload max cargo mass params to CH47 & UH60
  • US Army Infantry - Uniform ‘shine’ removed.
  • Fixed muzzlepos error in RPT for Javelin & Stinger
  • Tweaked vest shadows
  • Added resolution LODs for US weapons & accessories
  • Added resolution LODs for us soldier model
  • Added resolution LODs for M1A2SEPv1 desert versions
  • Added: New sounds for all US weapons and heavyweapons
  • Added numberPhysicalWheels param to various vehicles
  • Tweaked commander HMG script
  • Tweaked M113 resolution LODs (IFF panel visible in every res lod)
  • Tweaked M1A2 tusk hitpoints
  • Added resolution LODs for M1A2
  • Added resolution LODs for M1A1
  • Tweaked M136 power
  • New PhysX dataset for M113A3
  • Improved M68 CCO hex texture
  • Added rocket motor fire to AGM-65
  • New PhysX dataset for M1A1 Abrams
  • Fixed HMMWV passenger mirror view
  • Fixed medic IOTV variant shadows in distant LODs
  • Buoyancy fixes
  • All pbos now require 1.32 minimum
  • Added CH-47 textures by CptDavo
  • Fixed M113 gunner hand anims
  • Removed decal related RPT spam
  • Fixed wheel reference not initialized RPT errors on M113
  • Fixed missing ; errors in M1 config
  • Changed mass of M19 mine
  • Fixed crouch bug with AIA TP
  • Abrams tracks turning the wrong way
  • Coax muzzle flash to Bradleys
  • Fixed commander hatch inheritance in M2 skeleton
  • Fixed TOW selection in second resolution lod in M2A2
  • Fixed rhsusf_m113d_usarmy: Recoil - unknown animation source recoil_source RPT error
  • Fixed unknown animation source zaslehROT_HMG2 RPT error on M1A1
  • Added new lights config for m113
  • Fixed zbytek selection in res LODs of M113
  • M109A6 thermals fixed
  • Added minTotalDamageTreshold to M113
  • Fixed M1 damgeHide selections
  • Fixed unresponsive suspension on both HMMWVs
  • Deforming strap on IOTV. More consistency in LOD transitions on various vests.
  • Fixed all M2 cog. Less prone to flipping.
  • Added reload sequences to M4, M16 rifles.
  • Fixed tracer mags
  • Added tracer every 4 rounds to M249 mag
  • Fixed silencer for M4/M16 family (now uses 5.56 silencer instead of 6.5)
  • M109: Right side track teeth do not animate.
  • HMMWVV driver sits very high
  • Add AGM Javelin TopDown mode (AGM)
  • Fixed M2A3 Busk III antena shadows
  • New PhysX dataset for Bradley
  • Brighten black platoon markers
  • Bradley texture fixes and woodland setup
  • Added M67 grenade and gave NVGs to troops
  • Improved M4 barrel geometry
  • Added: Leupold Mk4 6,5-20x50mm ER/T M5
  • Added: KAC rail covers
  • Added: AR Assistant (M249)
  • Increased ammo loadouts
  • Added FFV to appropriate vehicles
  • Added armed HMMWVVs (M2 and Mk19)
  • Added: M2010
  • Added door anims to UH60
  • Added slingload capability to appropriate vehicles
  • Rear sight and zeroing improved in M136
  • Fixed M1025 trunk action
  • Added patchless infantry model with insignia support
  • Improved M68 CCO red dot visibility during night
  • Added cannon fire camera shake for US air vehicles
  • Reduced M84 flashbang damage
  • Lowered crewExplosionProtection for HMMWVVs with tarp doors
  • HMMWVV crews should now get engaged by enemies
  • Arma 2 vehicle thermal map fixes
  • Removed zoom from driver triplex
  • Removed M320 from 1st Cav SL & TL
  • Mildot, 3.5-10x30mm and 6.5-20x50mm Leupold Mk4 reticles is now accurate and can be used for proper sighting
  • Reduced explosion shielding on Bradley tracks
  • Fixed: Damage and hitpoints on helicopters
  • Improved: Compatibility with other mods using Su-25 and Ka-52 in terms of skeleton manes
  • Improved: Improved Mi-24 Advanced Flight Model configuration
  • Fixed: Graphical glitches on BTR-70 and BTR-80
  • Fixed: Missing ; token in BMP-2 PhysX config
  • Improved: Damage scripts for vehicles
  • Improved: HEAT penetrator behaviour
  • Fixed: MaxFordingDepth for all vehicles
  • Fixed: Flying ESS goggles in distant LODs
  • Fixed: Residual NV grain effect for some custom FCS
  • Fixed: Commander FCS for BMD-4
  • Fixed: T-72B group names
  • Improved: Less debug info in RPT from certain scripts
  • Fixed: Gear change & wipers sound using animationSourceSound
  • Improved: Gear change animations
  • Improved: RPG-26 and RShG-2 functionality improvements
  • Improved: Reduced helmet armour
  • Fixed: AI not engaging Ka-52
  • Fixed: Fixed T-80U some proxies not hiding on destruction
  • Added: T-72B3
  • Added: Custom sounds for all heavy and light weapons
  • Added: ZEUS mission
  • Added: Mi-24 with sling load rack
  • Improved: Tweaked damage textures for BTR-60, ZSU-23-4, UAZ & URAL
  • Improved: Tweaked T-72B obr. 1985g & T-80BV hitpoints
  • Fixed: Decals breaking if URAL and Tigr were on the same map
  • Improved: RequiredVersion added to all folders
  • Improved: General cleanup of unused resources
  • Improved: RPG-7V2, SVD resolution and shadow improvements
  • Improved: Resolution and shadow improvements for all scopes
  • Improved: Buoyancy improvements for all vehicles (TankX based vehicles still cannot maneuver in water)
  • Fixed: Snorkel script
  • Improved: Tweaked Mi-24 cargo shadows
  • Improved: Tweaked Su-25 shadows
  • Removed HMD from Ka-60
  • Fixed: Fixed Ataka resolution LODs order
  • Improved: Added cfgPatches entries to a3 stuff for better compatibility
  • Fixed: Fixed Mi-8 rpt enginehit errors
  • Fixed: Fixed PRP-3 using bmp1 physx config instead of bmp2
  • Improved: Tweaked ammo values
  • Improved: Tweaked destruction materials for Tigr
  • Improved: Tweaked RPG-26 position while on back
  • Improved: Improved btrs geometry convexity
  • Fixed: Internal shadows in BMP-1/2
  • Added: EKP-1S-03
  • Added: 1P63
  • Fixed: Lights selections on t72
  • Improved: Texture improvements for RPG-7V2 and PKP
  • Improved: Hind texture tweaks
  • Improved: TM-62 and PNM-2 mines are triggered by magnetic targets of >200kg
  • Improved: Increased Tigr engine armour
  • Fixed: Added missing VV BMP-2 variants to cfgPatches
  • Improved: T-72B model improvements
  • Fixed: Commander triplex uv maping on btr70/80
  • Fixed: Mi-8 cruise speed
  • Improved: Added new driver optics to 2S3
  • Fixed: Commander optics stabilization on T-80
  • Fixed: Changed M112 ATGM to M119 on T-80A/U
  • Fixed: Changed T72 FCS ‘laser’ & PL1 - should improve AI behaviour in T72, T80 (without letter) & Sprut-SD
  • Fixed: Reduced Mi24 fuel consumption rate
  • Fixed: Tweaks to TGP-A silencer
  • Improved: Improvements of Gaz-66 gearbox
  • Improved: Changed inertia for MGs
  • Fixed: Fixed some errors in 1G42 & 1G46 FCS
  • Added Kobra reticle [press / on numpad to change reticle (default secondary optics mode key)]
  • Fixed: Removed unused muzzleFlash effects entries
  • Fixed: Missing gunner getin dir memory points for UAZ open
  • Fixed: Fixed welcome screen handler
  • Fixed: Replaced TKN-1S with TKN-3 on BTR-80
  • Fixed: Removed wire cutter from pilot view of UMTBS backpack
  • Fixed: Reduced door action range on mi24
  • Added camo selection for vests (using hidden selections)
  • Fixed: Fixed last resolution LOD of 6B23 with 6Sh92
  • Fixed: Fixed some RPT errors (Ural missing oil source, cannot create FXcatridge_big, missing sections in diagnostic build)
  • Fixed: Fixed non closed structure on T-80U turret proxy shadow (shadow artefact)
  • Fixed: Fixed bmd4 grain effect in driver optics
  • Added FCS calculations for PKT in BMD4
  • Fixed: Fixed Sprut-SD elevation bug
  • Improved: Improved damage handling script (performance optimizations)
  • Fixed: No crosshair on 3rd person for Russian armament
  • Fixed: 2S3 gunner view issues
  • Improved: New engine and suspension dataset for Gaz Tigr
  • Fixed: Fording depth for Ural increased
  • Added rpg7 magazines models
  • Improved: Added motor burning texture to rpg7 projectiles
  • Improved: Improved firegeo and shadows of T-72B
  • Added hint if extended armour is turned on & there are RHS vehicles on the map
  • Added A2 RPG7 reload animation
  • Fixed: Gaz-66 Repair vehicle (No repair options)
  • Added Gaz-66 Ammunition resupply truck
  • Improved: New damage textures for older T-80s
  • Fixed: Decals on T-80s disappear on destruction
  • Improved: Small torque curve corrections for BMP1 and BMP2
  • Improved: UAZ name changed to newer model
  • Improved: RPG gunners will now attack helicopters with PG-7V rockets
  • Added reload sequences to AK74M rifles
  • Improved: Tigr interior updated with better camo and normals file
  • Improved: Reload sounds for AK family, PKP
  • Improved: Added bipod functionality to PKP (Ctrl+C)
  • Improved: Some infantry units now have scopes
  • Improved: PhysX Update for UAZ
  • Added: Flora boonie hat
  • Improved: Added cannon fire camera shake for RU air vehicles
  • Improved: Increased 7.62 round damage
  • Fixed: Arma 2 vehicle thermal map fixes
  • Fixed: Removed driver triplex zoom
  • Fixed: Fixed Mi-8 AMTSh muzzle flashes
  • Improved: Enabled T-72B commander NSVT
  • Improved: BTR geometry fixes
  • Improved: Added stock fold functionality to simple AK (Ctrl+C)
  • Improved: Removed ability to mount optics on folded AK
  • Improved: Removed radar from Mi-24
  • Fixed: PSO ranging and zeroing correct
  • Added: 1PN93-2 sight (Night sight for RPG-7V2)
  • Improved: Correct ranging for PGO-7V3 sight
  • Slingload feature added to appropriate vehicles
  • Improved: Added editing zone size param to ZEUS missions
  • Added: Fire From Vehicles added to appropriate places[/spoiler]

As promised, here are some changes that have caught my attention: (Keep in mind I haven’t tested anything I’m just reading changelog)

  • Added sight folding on AT4
  • Added slingload ability to CH47 & UH60
  • Added: New sounds for all US weapons and heavyweapons
  • Improved M68 CCO hex texture
  • Added tracer every 4 rounds to M249 mag
  • Fixed silencer for M4/M16 family (now uses 5.56 silencer instead of 6.5)
  • HMMWVV driver sits very high
  • Added FFV to appropriate vehicles
  • Added armed HMMWVVs (M2 and Mk19)
  • Added patchless infantry model with insignia support

One thing I did not find is if they have fixed the bullet drop on RHS weapons.

Ooooh new sounds, thats great!

Yesterday when we started firing in the woods and it sounded like you are firing from a toilet. I hope they fixed it!


[center][b]AT4 has zeroing from 100 to 400 meters in 50 meter increments!!!

You can shoot from open vehicles and helicopters!!!

BlackHawk and Chinook can use sling load rig!! (blackhawks are bugged, so after 30 seconds of flight it destroys ATRQ)

You can actually aim and shoot at something with M68 CCO scope!

Machineguns have tracers in their belts which is great for adjusting your fire!

No more annoying 1stCav insignia patch on our shoulders!

I like the new weapon sounds, but one thing they still haven’t fixed is bullet drop for M4 weapons.

The AT4 can zero? Gods, I feel like I should be crying!

fangirling intensifies

So far I’ve exclusively been using the M249 and not being quite able to tell where the shots are landing is a pain in the ass. Makes me all tingly

Still no drop… Well that’s okay I’ve been missing anyways might as well continue to practice with no drop? Looking forward to testing the new scope in hopefully Friday mission if you need some help testing all the new updates Clarke were always there for you

I feel like I should clarify; There is no date set for our repository update yet. Do not expect these updates before we officially announce it. Clarke is currently very busy atm and a lot of mods have been released in meanwhile, meaning there is a lot of work to be done on top of usual workload. We will be sure to announce when the repository will be updated.

I am going to announce some testing dates in the event section in order for us to update our repo safely but as soon as possible. Among the NCOs we’re currently discussing how we’ll organise the testing to make things go over smooth and effectively.

There should be more emphasize on the findings. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the AT4 problem over a week ago but nothing changed and that got us rekt during the last OP…

If you’re referring to two AT4 shots on MAV on last operation (AAF Mora), it was not due to AT4 but due to AAF Mora itself. I’ve been doing some testing in editor and I found out that Mora is completely unaffected by AT4 shots, but will blow up if an RHS M2A2 Bradley gets hit and destroyed by AT4 shot, right next to Mora. In other words, we found what actual problem is and we are working on it.


Yup, they’ve finally released more toys. From their initial change log they do not specify how many for each side, but let’s hope for the best. I’ll try out new packs tomorrow. In meanwhile… http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27139

[quote name=“Armaholic”][list]
[] Countless new vehicles: tanks, cars, IFVs and APCs for both sides to use, as well as atmospheric objects like radars.
] Completely new soldier models and dozens of gear objects make for over 700 possible unit customization possibilities. Use the supplied virtual ammo crates to quickly make your own custom setups.
[] New weapons and attachments. Have everything at your disposal to take on your enemy.
] Realism enhancements: full PhysX support and realistic configurations, complex Fire Control Systems for applicable vehicles. New user interface items representing control and awareness systems of vehicles to increase atmosphere and gameplay dynamics. Also our constantly expanding and improved decal system has even migrated to the US side.
[] Fully ZEUS compatible.
] Fully ALiVE compatible. Many thanks goes towards ALiVE team making sure RHS Evolution can be enjoyed using ALiVE Framework!
[] Fully Task Force Radio compatible. Many thanks to the developers of TFA and their effort making sure everything was in place for you to enjoy it right out of the box! TFA will even contain new radios made in the style of our units!
] Future-proof: sling-loading will work once they make their way to the stable branch. If you are playing on development branch you should have these features enabled already! FFV will come later as releasing it now would cause problems for those of you playing on the stable branch.
[*] Many many more…

Sweet! Love more toys :smiley: Getting horny already!

Here are the two full changelogs:

US Armed Forces
Russian Federation

It’s a heck of a read. A ton of things we were griping about were addressed, for example M113’s wobbling above 60km/h etc.

These are my little finds. It’s not as much as they hyped, although I haven’t had time to read detailed changelog.

M113, has updated driver seat. Driver has greater visibility when turned in through PIP screens, which might be heavy on performance for some members. Another good thing is that driver, when turned out, is properly modelled and only his head pokes out of the vehicle. A weird thing is that once M113 gets moving it will on his own speed up and hold it’s speed of 26km/h. Don’t know if this is meant and if it is like this in real life.

M2A2/3 Commander seats haven’t been nerfed, and currently still have 3x zoom.

MRAP vehicles are included. They are carrying 8 passengers (1 driver 1 co-driver and 6 passengers) and 1 gunner for armed version. Interior is non existing, I haven’t made the screenshots, but it’s even less than in trucks. They show some potential for usage.

Trucks have also been included. Like MRAPs they seem to be WIP, but show great potential, like 5cal on top. There are four versions in total. There is lightly armoured and heavy armoured versions, though only driver cabin is armoured, not the truck bed. And then there are two different sizes of each version, one carries 12 passengers in the back +3 in cabin, other has 14 in the back and 3 in the cabin.

C130J, many of you will be happy with this, and I think it will give us some options too, but not that many though. It can carry 24 passengers and 3 in cockpit. It has a huge space in the back so you can fit 1 and a half humvees (I don’t know why you would want to do that I’m just saying it’s that big). However, the space in the back has no apparent usage. Advice, do not load a humvee in C130J, get in air and then open the loading ramp in mid flight.

FUCKING RUSSIAN ATOMIC BOMB ARTY THINGY, I see a lot of mission potential for this, as in for us to have targets to destroy like from Bond movies. Advice here, stay at least 5 clicks away from the hit site when using 9P123-1M (9M79-1-B).

New uniforms, have been introduced to US side. 3 new uniforms with matching helmets. However vests come only in old patterns. I like new patterns very much, desert and woodland camo look so much better, hopefully we’ll receive matching vests with next update.

Russian AK with UGL, has fixed iron sights. But it’s OP in regards to RH M4’s UGL, as RHS’ AK’s range up to 450m, while RH’s M4’s have only range up to 250m.

These are just most prominent changes, or changes that we are going to notice the most. There are couple of new weapons on each sides, but nothing awesome.

Looks amazing ! Looking forward to what we can do with these new additions :smiley:


RHS just received a new update to v0.3.7. Mostly performance stabilisation, bug fixing and compatibility with Marksman DLC - but there’s also a couple of new toys to play with.

Changelog Russians

Changelog Americans

We will most likely upload a repo update after tonights training, really depends on whether I get enough time to test the mod on the server first.

EDIT: omfg new BluFor helos UH1Y and AH1Z :-o

EDIT 2: "Added category class to vehicles (fixes ZEUS cost module recognition + 3rd party mods may use it for better vehicle class recognition)" –> I’ve been waiting for this a long time, hope that now the vehicle markers in Zeus will show a tank as a tank instead of infantry. Was sometimes very frustrating to find an AI vehicle on the move as MCC.

EDIT 3: "Added Kimi HMD for various helicopters" –> I really hope this will be optional because many pilots dislike the Kimi HUD as it blocks vision a lot, especially when zoomed in.[/justify]

[justify]Was not able to conclude the server tests fully. The update will be ready for download a couple of hours after Fridays operation.[/justify]

I’m amazed we didn’t notice this before. While testing some RHS fixes today, [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/12211388/avatar/small.1649779431.png” name=“Bull”]12211388[/user] in joke asked if I can roll down the windows. I said; of course not… wait what.

You can roll down the windows on hummvees and passengers can shoot out!