Recommend Anime?

Can anyone recommend some anime series I should take a look at?

I have previously watched Knights of Sidiona, Kill La Kill, Appleseed and Ghost in a Shell.

Cheers for the suggestions in advance,


A really good anime show is attack on the titan or dragonball :wink:

[justify]Question, are you interested in Anime series or movies? If series then rather shorter, compact series such as Hellsing and Ergo Proxy or longer marathon-like series such as Naruto and Dragon Ball?

Also really important: are you into dub or sub? Because some Animes are fantastic but ruined by horrible dub and thus no longer recommendable.[/justify]

To be fair I’m looking for films or compact series so I can watch quickly and keep me occupied during down time, I watch sub mainly as don’t really like dub but if done well I watch also.

Any longer series that you think is really awesome and I should try still suggest as might have time for one of those in the future :slight_smile:

My all time favorites are as follows (In no order):

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Attack on Titan
Ghost in the Shell (Film and Series)
Blood the Last Vampire
Akira (holy god Akira)
Anything by Studio Ghibli
Vampire Hunter D both films
Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 BUT NOT THE THIRD, NEVER THE THIRD!
Excel Saga
Gundam Wing
Gundam 08th MS
Gundam pretty much any Gundam
Iria Zeiram the animation, they did two live actions of this that are solid as well.
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Reign: The Conqueror (Nobody likes it but me, but I thought it was very entertaining)
Elfen Leid (Weird Anime with a bunch of topless…uh…girl-like creatures. Very odd, very interesting. Very graphic)
Grave of the Fireflies

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

South park

Oh fuck. Yeah, I’m dodging this topic. I could probably help you out a ton, but I’m not sticking my hand in THIS piranha barrel of a topic. If there’s one thing that makes enemies, its disagreeing on what shows are good or not.

You don’t have to give commentary, just post suggestions :wink:

See, that’s the thing. None of your lists are going to be any help to him. He’s going to get 100+ anime names thrown at his face, 0 context or reasoning provided, with absolutely no effort into making sure it’s actually his kind of anime… And then he just won’t watch any of them.

This happens all the time on Imgur when anime recommendation requests/lists get uploaded. It’s why I refuse to comment on them, and instead work with people via PM’s to find them the shows they would actually enjoy.

Fair enough.

I really enjoyed watching Sword Art Online
short episodes but action and story packed

Allow me to refine my suggested watch list to three:

Akria: Set in post apocalyptic ‘neo-Tokyo’, this film revolves around a group of kids who err on the wrong side of the law. A chance encounter sets in motion a series of events that have major repercussions for the children and the city. My reason for suggesting it is that it is pretty much the reason we have Anime in the US and Europe, its the grandaddy of all imported Anime and its just plain good. Why is it good? The animation is amazing; every frame has something going on and is in the meticulous detail that you see from only the most painstakingly crafted features. Its narrative is intriguing and interesting and the characters are ‘real’. Plus it predates many of the tropes that plague modern Anime.

Gundam: The 08th MS team. 8th MS is a wonderful military drama, like most of the Gundam series. Why would I recommend this over the others? Its a shorter entry in the series, perfect for someone just getting into Gundam. The animation is quality and on par with other titles of the era. The story is very interesting and follows a group of soldiers as they deal with a war. Unlike other Gundam shows, the Gundams in this aren’t the Over Powered "OH SHIT ITS A GUNDAM!" kind, they are mass produced and are very susceptible to getting their asses stomped.

Cowboy Bebop: I consider this, Outlaw Star, and Trigun to be in the same ‘family’ of shows. Well written, wonderfully animated, and just fun. Bebop is pretty much ‘Firefly’ the anime focusing on a pair of bounty hunters in the age of interstellar commercial flights. Later on they add a few more very eclectic characters to the cast that round out the series and the progression of the narrative. The series plus the film are an excellent starter anime that has that mature kick some modern shows lack.

BONUS: If you’re looking for a mind-fuck that will have you on wikipedia and fan-theory pages for days, Neon Genesis Evanglion is a great pic. Its a very cerebral anime based on the artist’s interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls and deals with the apocalypse and those who would try and control it. Giant robots, beautiful animation, and wonderful characters make this already awesome anime even more so wonderful. Though, be warned that the last episode is not the intended ending. The creator went back a few years later and released Evangelion Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion. Those two features are the true, intended endings of the show.

All the best classics have been mentioned being it for the state of the art execution or/and stories. I truly enjoyed watching most of those and you shouldn’t miss on any.
My preference goes to Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Appleseed, Cowboy Beepop as I like sci-fi, cyberpunk oriented stuff and all anime’s from Studio Ghibli, because they are simply on a very high level of execution, story and sensitivity. I truly have a good memory of Princess Mononoke.

Last year I stumbled upon a completely different crazy and trashy anime, I just throw the title in here: Dead Leaves
Not your usual anime for sure, just something different.

Cheers for all the replies guys will give me lots to watch while I’m on leave :thumb:

All the Best,

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