Here’s a campaign I’ve been writing up based on some of my old Airsoft missions (adapted, of course, to use all the things Arma has that airsoft doesn’t). I don’t know much at all about mission making or MCC in Arma 3, but I’d love to try and get these going if people are interested. I will take every ounce of help on putting this together or working the details I can get.

By Obi


Reclamation is a series of Arma 3 missions set in the fictional nation of East Aplua (Ah-ploo-ah), a small impoverished country rife with conflict. This campaign uses the Chernarus map to represent East Aplua and its neighbor Acrosia (Ack-row-see-uh). The missions will take place from the perspective of a U.S. Army Ranger peacekeeping unit operating from a temporary base just behind the Apluian boarder in Acrosia.

The main mission of the Rangers is to support U.N. Humanitarian aid being provided to the citizens of Aplua and to defend those assets from West Aplua-supported dissidents that claim unrecognized control over several cities and towns throughout the area. Tensions are high as the rebels have been provided illegal access to arms and ammunition possibly from West Apluian forces hoping to destabilize the country for annexation. The civilians suffer as their food, medicine, and possessions are seized by the rebels.

The origin of the conflict comes from the two ‘ethnic classes’ that exist in Aplua with the West-based Majority being descended from Russian invaders and the East Apluian minority called the Altsaguine. No matter the background, both sides see themselves as Apluian, but the Westerners have a long standing belief that the Altsaguine are inferior. This divide became a heated conflict 20 years ago when Altsaguine and their sympathizers started an uprising. The U.N. intervened to abate the loss of life in the region and a treaty dividing the nation was set with the Altsaguine, who were on the verge of defeat, being relocated into what is now East Aplua. Both sides begrudgingly accepted the treaty and the nation settled into a tense state of cease fire.

In the 20 years since the ‘Dividing Conflict’, East Aplua has established itself as an new nation. With the support of the U.N. they were able to establish a civil infrastructure including power provided by Acrosia and build a capable defense force to provide security. Under the guidance of the U.N. East Aplua was on its way to becoming a new democracy in the region.

With the conflicts in the Middle East, the U.N. and U.S. had to pull out their supporting forces from East Aplua leaving the 6 year old nation pretty much to its own defenses. A small conflict started just one year following the departure of the peacekeepers when the West sent in a detachment of soldiers and armor across the border. Surprisingly, the East Apluians were able to rebuke the advance and defeat the invaders.

Over the years, and without much in the way of outside support, East Aplua began to slowly collapse in on itself in parts. Crime spiked across the countryside and the Defense Force fights hard to keep it in check along with the volunteer police force. Thankfully, last year the U.N. was able to answer the pleas of the East Apluians and establish programs of aid once more along with the assistance of a U.S. Army Ranger Company.

F.O.B. Shield stands at an abandoned Acrosian airstrip to the North East awaiting the arrival of U.N. Assets to begin their mission of aid to this nation in peril.


Note: this gets purposefully abstract after the first mission and on. If we start making and running the missions, those will be fleshed out accordingly. Also, the missions will become more and more ‘open ended’ as far as execution allowing the COs during the missions to make their own plans and strategies for advancement.

Mission 1: Welcome to the Ap

Brief: U.N. Peacekeepers are arriving the area to provide immediate aid to civilians in the cities of Novy Sobor and Stary Sobor while on their way to the East Apluian Air Base. Rangers provide security. The convoy is a small part of a larger mobilization by the UN in the area and has inserted prior to other assets to establish their HQ and ensure support for the larger, incoming assets.

Situation: A U.N. Convoy is arriving at 07:30 on its way to the East Apluian Air Base. The Convoy is carrying medical supplies and food for the civilians as well as what the UN will be using to establish a HQ at the airbase. Rebel elements have been active in the area and may be a threat to the Convoy as it moves along the objectives.

Assets: 1 Blackhawk Helicopter, 3 MG-Humvees, 2 UN Supply trucks, 1 UN Troop Transport Truck. Ranger Units (1-2 squads. Players). UN Units (however many AI, though they have orders to let the Rangers do the defending)

Required Roles: 1 Helo Pilot and 2 gunners. 2 UN Peacekeepers to drive the trucks. If Possible, I’d like to use AI for whatever roles they can be used for, especially the UN forces.

ROE: Heavy Civilian presence in the AO. Fire only if fired upon and check your targets. Minimize collateral damage.

Objectives: Link up with the UN Convoy at the designated position. Rangers will provide security in two ways: 1) Armed Humvees will attach to and lead the convoy from the rendezvous position. The Humvees will be carrying Rangers if a deployed response is required. The Humvees are being provided to the UN Peacekeepers following the mission. 2) One of the 5 Blackhawk helicopters will provide aerial overwatch with its mounted miniguns.

Before moving to the Air Base, the UN operation has them delivering relief packages to two towns, Novy Sobor and Stary Sobor, along the way. Rangers will provide security during the offloading of these supplies (15 min timeframe for each stop) and then resume lead of the convoy once complete. Upon reaching the Air Base, Rangers will dismount from the Humvees and then extract via Blackhawk back to FOB Shield for debrief.

The UN trucks Must Survive. If the cities become too hostile for supply distribution, Ranger field command can order the Convoy forward. Getting the relief supplies to the civilians en route is optional, though it would help maintain their morale while the UN sets up for future relief operations.

Failure means a possible loss of assets, personnel, and morale as well as a delay in the UN’s deployment. Failing to complete the optional Supply Distribution objectives may result in civilians siding with rebel forces in the future.

Mission 2: Heads of the Serpent

Cause-and-effect: If Mission 1 was successful, the UN presence was quickly established and morale for the citizens in the area is kept high and against the Rebels. If it was a failure, the UN HQ is delayed and cannot provide support to Ranger operations for this mission as well as Novy and Stary Sobor both fall under Rebel control. If the Novy Supply Objective was not met, Novy is now under Rebel control. If the Stary Supply Objective was not met, some of Stary’s citizens now support the Rebels.

Brief: Command has greenlit a mission to remove key leaders of the rebels responsible for the attack on the Convoy. Rangers mobilize via Blackhawks and Humvees down to Cherno where INTEL has reported these leaders are gathered in meeting.

Objective: Insert Via fast-rope from a Blackhawk and enter the target structure. Secure the structure and locate the target OPFOR commanders. Detain the targets and await extraction via humvee. Blackhawk will provide overwatch and aerial security. If the UN HQ is established (Mission 1 success), they will provide a secure extraction point close to the AO that will serve as a resupply/reinsertion while the mission is in progress.

Mission 3: The Storm

Cause-and-effect: If mission two was successful, the Rebel forces are disorganized and the EADF readies to mobilize with the Rangers to retake the southern airbase. The UN readies to mobilize its full relief operation. If M2 was unsuccessful, the Rangers must establish a defense against Rebel forces mounting a ‘counterattack’ against the EADF and the UN. The attack is coming from Cherno along two routes, the Rangers will be defending one of the cities along one of the routes.

Notes: At the end of this mission, West Apluian forces cross the border and being an invasion. The Rangers are forced into a retreat from the sudden influx of armor and troops pouring across the border.

Mission 4-6: Operation Aplua Reclamation

The West Apluian forces have invaded and control most of the South Western part of the country. EADF forces have managed to hold them back. The battlelines will be established based on if the rebels were defeated in the previous missions.

At this point the EADF has been doing its best to hold the line. The US has sent in more support. Two more FOBs have been established along the border and the Army has established a HQ further in Acrosia.

The main point of these missions will be to establish control over key areas of the nation and push back the expansion of the Western invasion with key locations being the main air base, Stary Sobor, Electro (for the power plant), and Cherno.

Looking forward to seeing this obi !


This is really looking good. I can imagine playing this, with rigorous gun fights.