Recce: Operation Top Hat

Next tuesday will be the first RECCE mission, post your plans and tactics below!

map and mission orders included.

[s]The OPORD says you have 1 x Recon Team but then later in timings has them doing two things at the same time?

Key Timings.

  • 05:00: Mission to start.
  • 05:10: Observation Team Infiltrate.
  • 05:15: Recon TeamInfiltrate.
  • 05:45: Dawn
    - 06:00: Recon Team Exfiltration –Puma@RV.
  • 06:00: Observation Team in place.
    - 06:00: Recon Team clear Bridge. (2 x Eland’s as support)
  • 06:15: Engineering Team at bridge.
  • 06:18: Sunrise
  • 07:15: Bridge to be completed. Recon & Engineering team to sweep for mines.
  • 07:30: Commander to give go-ahead for Eland battalion once bridge is rebuilt & road is cleared off all mines. All Return To Base.

I am guessing this team clearing the bridge is actually the deployment team before engineers arrive?[/s]

Cancel my last just seen they expect the Single Recon Team to conduct both in sequence just have timings a bit off.

Do we want the obs team to be armed or are we going to try have them use the undercover mode?

Do you guys know how the bridge will be built? For example will use the same system as the trench mechanic we used last opp or will it be completely different.

There’s an AI engineer squad that can be commanded around by mousewheel options, you can tell them to take cover, follow you or start building. I played with it a bit on the training mission provided, they go over and start an animation but I didn’t sit around long enough to see if a bridge gets built, I assume it does in the actual op

EDIT: also worth noting that there are apparently 5+ brdms, given that we’ve been provided with 3 RPGs and 24 rockets we might want more than one AT carrier, or at least have a separate rocket bearer. Assuming the deployment team go with the recon team on the first recon mission, they might want to rearm to carry more AT once they rtb before escorting the engineers to the bridge

Were you an engineer as well or a fireteam leader because it might of given you ai to help you out as you are playing on your own. I hope you are right in any case would make our jobs a bit easier to do.

Our job (at least as per the OPORD) is just to chaperone the AI engineers and to clear the mines past the bridge once it’s been built. If you haven’t already, give the test mission a try, it has all the scripting of the actual mission so you can see how they want you to do things. There’s also a mine clearing range to practice on, you need to defuse the mines using ACE, but you have to be bloody close.

I will give it a try either today or tomorrow, thx for the info anyway.

1. Situation:

General Situation : - What started off as a clandestine operation, have now evolved into a full-scale conventional war. Our forces under the flag of the local pro-Western guerrillas have launched a blitz attack on the Soviet backed forces of the North…beating them back from one position to the next, at a tremendous pace. After our forces beat them back over Bridge 14, the hostile forces destroyed the bridge, thus blocking our only way further North. In order to make the final push North to the capital city the bridge needs to be repaired amidst heavy enemy presence. Engineers from our Field Engineering regiments have started rebuilding the bridge, but are plagued by enemy infantry as well as artillery. Your unit needs to support and protect them.

General Terrain & Weather :

  • Heavy rainfalls.
  • Medium to dense vegetation.
  • Vast amounts of hills and valleys.
  • Bridge located at: 5170-4034
  • Hippo Hill S-SW of Bridge: 4272-3525 (El. 88m)
  • North of River is Hostile Territory.
  • Top Hat Hill N-NW of Bridge: 4361-4700 (El. 85m)
  • Forward Recon Vantage point: 6700-4500 (El. 114m)
  • Forward Recon RV (Exfil): 7226-3134

Situation Enemy Forces : -

  • Great amount of Soviet trained forces from Communist North.
  • Cuban forces as support. (Numbers Unknown)
  • Probable Russian forces present. (Numbers Unknown)
  • Hostiles are known to booby-trap sentry & check-points which they abandon.

Primary Weapons:
AK47’s, RPK’s, PKM’s & RPG-7’s.

  • BRDM’s spotted (Est. 5+)
  • BM-21’s spotted (Est. 3 to 6)


  • Periodic Incoming Mortar fire (Est. 4 to 8)
  • Machine Gunner Positions (Est. 3 to 6)

Situation Friendly Forces : -
Pro-Western Guerrillas:

  • Mostly Green Uniforms.
  • Headwear ranging from Helmets, to Boonie-Hats to Caps
  • Armed with AK47’s, RPK’s, PKM’s & RPG-7’s.
  • Native to the AO area.
  • Travel on foot or by truck.
  • Once AO is clear for Eland Battalion, they will follow.

Own Forces Supports:

  • Puma Helicopter with SADF pilot (For Infiltrations) x 1
  • Eland Dispatch (CQC Support during Bridge Recon) x 2
  • Field Engineers (To build bridge) x 4

Civilian Population:

  • Scattered settlements –mostly abandoned due to conflict in region.
  • Civilians are mostly Pro-Eastern.
  • No unarmed civilians may be harmed in any way.
  • Unless they are armed, civilians are not to be detained either.

2. Mission:

[center]A. Identify and eliminate major hostile positions.
B. Provide close-quarters protection to engineers.
C. Direct own artillery onto hostile positions.
D. Clear mines for Eland Battalion.

3. Execution.

The Operation will be done in 6 Phases as follows (Starts 05:00):

Phase 1

Observation Team
-Gear up and board PUMA
-05:10 - Observation Team infiltrate NW beyond enemy lines and proceed to Top Hat Hill in order to (a) Report hostile positions to Commander for own artillery & (b) Forewarn Engineering team of incoming fire. * In position no later than 06:00.

Recon Team
-Gear up and board PUMA

PUMA Pilot
-Drop off Observation Team at Observer Infil

Phase 2

Recon Team
-05:15 -Recon Team infiltrate NE beyond enemy lines.
-Recon vantage point to map hostile positions for own artillery.
-Recon can call in and adjust fire using chat commands:
/Haymaker fire mission grid xxxyyy z rounds
/Haymaker adjust fire x meters North (also works with northeast, and possibly with bearings)
/Haymaker repeat z rounds
-Return to RV point for Puma exfil -RTB. SADF Puma standing by at RV for pickup. Will leave no later than 06:00. *SADF Puma helicopter standing by to infil Observer & Recon teams. Additional Puma, available if you wish to use your own pilot.

PUMA Pilot
-Drop off Recon Team at FFWD Recon Infil then RTB.

Phase 3

Recon Team
-06:00 - Mount vehicles both LR and TT after phase 2 exfil and RTB. Gear Up (Pick up extra AT etc).

  • Proceed to recon & clear bridge area for Engineering team. Two Eland vehicles with Crew Available for fire support.
    -Orders to Eland are given via the vanilla radio menu (0-0 by default)
    -Once area is clear call in the ENGR teams.

Engr Team
-06:00 - Mount in Vehicles with Recon and the rest of the engineers.

  • Allow the recon teams to recon and clear the bridge while you wait with engineers at HOLD marker.

Phase 4

Engr Team
06:15 - On the all clear from the recon team the Engineering Team to lead engineers to bridge. -Provide close-quarters support & get them into safety bunkers when incoming artillery is detected.

Recon Team
-Provide security for the Engineers building the bridge.

Security Set up

Phase 5
07:15 -Engineering & Recon Teams to clear mines on road north of Bridge 14 for 200m.

Phase 6
07:30 -Commander to give go-ahead for Eland battalion once bridge is rebuilt &
road is cleared off all mines. All team members exfil & RTB.

Key Timings.

  • 05:00: Mission to start.
  • 05:10: Observation Team Infiltrate.
  • 05:15: Recon Team Infiltrate.
  • 05:45: Dawn
  • 06:00: Recon Team Exfiltration –Puma@RV.
  • 06:00: Observation Team in place.
  • 06:00: Recon Team clear Bridge. (2 x Eland’s as support)
  • 06:15: Engineering Team at bridge.
  • 06:18: Sunrise
  • 07:15: Bridge to be completed. Recon & Engineering team to sweep for mines.
  • 07:30: Commander to give go-ahead for Eland battalion once bridge is rebuilt & road is cleared off all mines. All Return To Base.

Google Doc Version:

Looks good, left some comments on the docs version clarifying how the mechanics work for our supporting elements. I haven’t checked what medical system we are using in the mission, do we know how that works? They have provided us with body bags, should we be trying to return or dead?

Cheers Xerses, I will add that info.

In regards to the medical settings I posted them on the staff forums I believe not sure but I think I may have highlighted the difference between their settings and ours but they defo use Advanced Medical. Bodybags I believe are there to give you the option of recovering dead comrades which may score you extra points.

Here is some more info though.

    A. Throughout the series, you will have to send in a recon squad periodically.
    B. In-game you will see the "conspicuous" message popping up. This means, that if you have the black face paint on, with civilian clothes, and without a weapon…the hostiles will not recognize you as an enemy, unless you get close enough. As soon as you take off the face paint, use a weapon or put on a uniform, they will recognize you as an enemy.
    C. To use the Face Camo, your Arma profile face should not be Default or DLC.

    A. Medic Slots: Medics can revive, administer Saline and apply stitches in the field. Everyone else can apply bandages and morphine.
    B. Mechanics (Engineers): Can fix engines etc. Everyone else can change a tyre…unless you are very rich with soft hands, in which case you can pay someone else to do it.

I just went over the plan that [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Xerses”]606558[/user] came up with.

I sounds like a good plan and I’ll try to stick to it. Thanks guys!

Be worth knowing that mines need to be cleared 200m North of Bridge 14.

In the briefing at the base I would recommend mentioning certain things aside from the plan so everyone is on the same page. Most of these result from the fact that we are playing on a different server with different settings and mods than we are used to.

  • Keep track of your buddy. We don’t have an ST-HUD that shows friendlies positions or their vehicle state at all times. That means it is essential that everyone keeps actively track of their assigned buddy so nobody gets lost or left behind.
  • Keep proper spacing and security. Again, due to a lack of ST-HUD we will have to increase our spacial awareness at all times to always ensure a 360 as well as not to blob up. Even in our own missions people often don’t space properly 7-10m apart (2nd ST-HUD ring), unless we pay extra attention to this a single grenade/IED can and most likely will cause big casualties.
  • Avoid roads and empty checkpoints at all times. As seen in the Recce YouTube video of the last operation and the current OPORD enemy forces frequently use IEDs to mine roads and checkpoints.
  • Vehicles can and will break down. Recce employs a randomised trigger mechanic that will cause engines of ground vehicles to break down frequently. Be aware of this and have proper convoy procedures to work around this mechanic: a.) break downs have to be reported on the radio immediately. b.) all vehicles come to a halt, ideally in a spread out zipper formation. c.) all members except drivers dismount immediately and move away from the vehicles (min. 20 meters) due to a potential RPG ambush. d.) the crew of the broken down vehicle completely dismounts (including driver) due to the potential of it exploding (was mentioned verbally during the vid, dunno if the script actually can trigger that) - everyone except the person tasked with fixing the vic keeps their distance.
  • ACE reports. Can’t be given along the ST-HUD names anymore, so leaders should have noted down their members in a fixed order and call their names individually to get that information.
  • Pen and Paper. Our usual mission modules which list in detail each aspect of our OPORDs in the map screen will not be present. That means it is recommended to all participants of this mission to have pen and paper (or a note document on a second screen) to write down all essential information during the briefing. The mission is fairly complex with its six phases and during the heat of the moment important info might get lost due to a lack of general radios. Having a bulletin list of each phase to cross out once completed will help you keep track of the mission as it progresses. Also: note down the call signs of this mission as they differ from our usual call signs!
  • Clearly define RoE and mission failure states. RoE should be do not fire unless engaged or ordered to engage as our numbers don’t afford us to go against their forces openly. At what point (losses) is the mission deemed a failure and retreat procedures to base are initiated? Are we required to recover any and all friendly bodies?
  • AI difficulty. Our usual FreghAI settings do not apply to this mission. Most likely we will face a fairly difficult vanilla AI. I’ve seen several instances of one-shot-hits during the Recce vid so use smoke and prone regularly to avoid getting shot. FYI: smoke will not bloom as densely and largely as we are used to since that is an in-house CNTO mod.
  • Do not abandon vehicles. Unlike our mission we cannot leave assets to the enemy. If a vehicle becomes unusable (broken tires) then we should place an explosive charge and destroy it for good.

I agree with everything that you said. One issue is reporting breakdowns over the radio. We don’t have any short range radio’s to use in convoy

I was running under the assumption that the vehicles have onboard radios, is that not correct?

Not everyone knows how to use the radio in a vehicle.

Another point to add to the briefing then. :wink: Most groups have fairly long briefings before mission start and the Recce videos emphasised that groups that spend the most time actively briefing and asking questions during the briefings were the ones to succeed the most.

We most likely won’t be able to fit each vic with a handheld long-range radio as they will be used in part for the advanced recon group etc. Another system could be that we use non-radio signals such as honking, but it’s much harder to pinpoint correctly and might be missed by a vic causing accidents and/or delays.

Command, observation team and recon need at least one. For engineering team I don’t think we really need one unless. We are going to the objective alone. Also if the deployment team is coming with us give them a radio and have them and engineering team in convoy also the truck that engineering team have has no radio in it.

I think ENG will need one as we’ll be the ones out on the bridge/in the minefield and probably want to be the first to know when there are contacts/artillery headed our way.

Re vehicle radio I think it’s a non-issue, we only have 2 vehicles afaik so we can just put a leader in each