PvP - War on Malden

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here.

A couple of points on the mission and event in general:

  1. Role Selection was hectic and poorly organised, we should have some self discipline and not talk during the role selection phase i.e. from 19.55 onward’s. If you spot something that the Role Manager has not spotted something message them, do not speak it will quickly become too busy when 10 people who have spotted something start talking, the role manager would have spotted it most likely anyway and you have interrupted them.

  2. Organisation at the beginning for OPFOR was poor which lead to bad communications. The combination of this lead to no clear plan or chain of command.

On the whole though I had loads of fun even at the very beginning making my way to the recruiting centre. Cheers to Highway for the mission was fun and highly competitive game playing vs other people.

Definitely enjoyed it despite the bugs/performance issues (are these related? noticed a few people’s uniforms disappear around the time we were having the stuttering)

It seems both sides had problems with communication, I think it’s up to MMT if they want to increase the availability of radios (which would make good comms a lot easier) If not I think we need to make good use of the briefing to establish objectives, protocols, chain of command etc. so things run a little smoother if we lose a leader.

I have few questions:

  1. do you feel the logistics/collecting gear aspect of the game is satisfying? Or would you prefer having standard gear and maybe just collect vehicles from factories as a flavor instead of collecting every bullet?
  2. from the design point of view - is it too hard to seize the objective?

I really enjoyed the experience but I do have a couple of short thoughts to share:

1) Base Locations[size=5]
I think that the base locations are quite bad, they are quite close together and promote just fighting over 2 objectives for the whole duration. I was hoping that the base locations would be at opposite sides of the island but it would appear that that is not the case
Secondly, I’m pretty sure that Blufor and Opfor have already figured out eachothers base location. I certainly hope that this won’t mean that one side will be spawn-locked for the entirety of the next Mission

2) Helicopters[size=5]
The helicopter system seemed really buggy and pretty weird/unbalanced. From a design point of view, how can and unarmed blackhawk with no doors be put up against an mi-8 fully equipped with lethal doorgunners?
In game it would seem that the landing script broke, I personally saw a blufor blackhawk hover for a solid 15 minutes at the end of the mission, which led to an opfor helicopter constantly performing strafe runs on that helicopter and our guys that were in the ground.
Perhaps we could just revert to just spawning in units on the objective or a truck carrying them in?

3) Equipment[size=5]
I loved the concept of having to gather gear from dead enemies and friendlies, however the fact that AI have scopes proved to be pretty bad for balance. at one point I got my hand on an acog scope,which aparently I shouldn’t have gotten.
In the objectives there were crates with a substantial amount of gear. However I’m not quite sure whether somebody checked what was in them because I found 2 pairs of thermal NVG’s in there…

4) Gathering equipment[size=5]
On the subject of gathering equipment, I found that very few people actually gathered equipment. And there seems to be a flaw in the system of the logistic guys while waiting for reinsert, if they are supposed to gather the equipment from dead enemies, that means they will be heading where the dead enemies are and possibly where the active enemy players are, creating an endless wave of "logistic personnel". Another thing this system promotes is the forming of even smaller groups then there already are.
I also don’t think that having to drive back to base after gathering gear is quite fun for our players. A possible solution could be having that truck that brings the friendly reinforcements wait at the base for a given amount of time during which it can be loaded and then having it drive back to base for the players that died to unload it.

Don’t let the length of this feedback scare you off, I thoroughly enjoyed this new type of gameplay and am actively looking forward to the next part!!

EDIT: any possibility of getting an updated map after each part? For planning purposes.

Nice font [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/3749902/avatar/small.1500023987.jpeg” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] - for those with eyesight issues? :slight_smile:

On a serious note, yes, your thoughts hit the nail. Maybe we could simplify a lot of things and improve the organization. Here are some ideas:

  1. discard the infantry gear logistics and instead implement two regular sides with regular gear. That would eliminate the trouble of collecting ammo, weapons and especially stealing from dead AI. Unfortunately AI groups that can be spawned are either created from existing set of groups (in the editor).

  2. factories could just create vehicle per event.

  3. base locations are selected on terrain. Putting them on completely far side of the island, with so few players, I’m afraid it would be really really dire and boring.

  4. helicopters - script is not bugged, Arma is. Arma AI loves to interfere with the environment. Yes, the choice of helicopter for RU side is an error, will fix it. Truck was an option but it would ruin the immersion of people in the base. They would see truck spawned in front of their eyes. Other option is to simply create them, but that is again problem with immersion.

I thought to myself that you might be getting a bit older and start needing it [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/13688253/avatar/small.1433248519.jpeg” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] :wink:

I really don’t think that giving us normal gear would be an improvement, maybe just not allow us to loot dead AI/players and put more loot in the boxes. This would let you have more control of the loot we do get to use.

Either that or perhaps we could set up a system with a sort of "currency" where based on how long an objective was held by a side, that side would get a certain amount of points. Those points could then be spent on stuff like vests, weapons, vehicles etc. All supplied by their respective faction.

Not sure if I can disable looting by script without completely breaking the inventory.

Well could just tell players that they are not allowed to loot, we do it on normal ops

No, the looting is a huge part of this mission and how to play it. Removing that aspect, IMO, is a big detraction. Just post a list of "Not allowed" items and trust the community to be mature enough not to cheat.

Also, I noticed in the mission that the Ace View Distance LImiter settings are enforced by the mission. Any reason for this? I know it was causing me some FPS drops.

I really really liked this mission and I would love to help work on the next version if needed :slight_smile:

What I find by far the most interesting part is the looting and how factions have to distribute gear between it’s players. It should be quite easy to remove things like +2x sights from the AI via arsenal, so I don’t see a reason to ban looting.

I’m also on the fence about letting dead players do logistics. I think that the 30 min respawn should just be strict. After a site has been taken the people (Like me) who thinks looting and logistics are interesting can begin doing that and the rest can go scout the next objective or try to find the enemy team and inflict damage.

Very nice mission and well done [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/13688253/avatar/small.1433248519.jpeg” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] and co.!

a quick thought about the infantry gear and looting.

Would it be possible to have some kind of ‘tech’ system, wherein controlling objectives provides a certain specific bonus piece of gear that will spawn in limited quantities at the controlling team’s base every so often, like the factories do already? Alternatively, a crate of those goods could be airdropped into the objective zone, and have to be transported back to the base, instead of simply spawning at the base, which adds an extra interesting element to the process.

E.g. Town A will give the controlling side access to Rangefinders + GPS until the other side steals control, and City B will give access to Light Machine guns? Additionally, each faction’s main base should automatically produce basic weapons and gear, like Bolt action rifles, handguns, and short-range radios.

This way, looting bodies is no longer a main focus, and it’s easier to reorganise troops at base, without completely disregarding the idea that one side can gain an advantage or disadvantage based on their territorial control, as well as painting certain objectives as higher priority than others, which leads to interesting tactical decisions.

EDIT: Oh, also, I think the situation with Vests + Helmets may need looking into? PID can become very difficult when everyone is wearing the same gear that they stole from INDFOR.

[user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/16385839/avatar/small.1599350353.jpeg” name=“Jash”]16385839[/user] - yes, it’s possible. Basically you would convert all objectives into factories. We need to see what we want to achieve in the end - so we don’t create a bastard child of many ideas that looks like Frankenstein.

Uniforms from both sides are different, you get one when you spawn in the base.

I know the uniforms are different, but if it’s just a head or upper torso showing over the top of a wall or something, then a lot of the uniform wouldn’t be visible.

Not so much an issue for BLUFOR, but INDFOR and OPFOR uniforms are quite similar at a long distance, so OPFOR players might be disadvantaged there.

Perhaps some kind of system where you can take vests + armour back to base and exchange them for an equivalent set in the correct camo patterns? That would probably be infeasible, or just a huge pain in the arse, but something like that might help?

I think the PID from looting adds to the mission to be honest. And I think looting should always remain, the bases shouldn’t just produce gear (Because it doesn’t make sense, looking at our bases.)

I think it would be best to just give players vests and helmets together with the uniform at the start. There’s not a ton of difference in vests and helmets attributes and I think the looting part is more interesting concerning weapon types and ammo.

Also I think it’s important to keep this as simple and "vanilla" as possible so everyone can get their head around it and there’s not too many things that can break, so I don’t think a "tech system" would help much and from a realism point of view it doesn’t make much sense that for example one city will give a specific weapon type - even though it’s an interesting idea.

Edit: Also there’s a ton of different uniforms to use for the factions so I think it would be nice to use something else than US uniforms for the Blufor side as I don’t believe USA would give their uniform to a rebel faction. (I don’t know if Opfor has RU uniforms but if so I think that should be changed too)

[user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/4259784/avatar/small.1400079666.png” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] - send me class names of uniforms, vests and helmets for both sides, I’ll include them in the mission by default.

As a side note, unless the players start as civilians (or, technically, one of the civilian "soldier" config classes), you won’t be able to equip a uniform which does not belong to your side. It’s geneva conventions hardcoded deep in the game engine.
It was possible to do so in my guerrilla mini campaign, because I made all players start as civs and changed their side as they logged in.

That’s exactly what happens; players start as civs and then pick either BLU or OP

If I recall correctly, there was a mission a little while ago (Possibly GM’d by Dachi?) where friendly AI units would call out sightings of enemies, and mark them on the map. Would it be possible to implement that tech into this mission?