PvP - Squad

Hi, thanks for showing up. Things I’ve noted to fix:

  1. Fix the seize objective, it ended too soon for blufor.
  2. Make various type of objectives (VIPs, elimination etc).
  3. When objective is seized, think about respawning everyone when entire OPFOR force has been wiped out.
  4. Do we need AI at all?
  5. Enable side channel
  6. Add resupply boxes.
  7. Remove scopes (ACOG+) except for marksman.

If you got more ideas, let me know. I would also be very thankful if someone would like to create better factions for this kind of gameplay.

I really liked this PvP format, where for once we actually played using proper tactics and formations instead of a ‘every man for himself’ (this was also helped by having higher numbers today than most PvPs).

  1. I don’t think we need AI. To me it just makes things messy/confusing.

Other notes:

  1. Put a visible timer on respawn, so unconscious people have a chance to kill themselves and get the respawn.
  2. (Sagu): current AKs (for North Korea) SUCK

On the factions, the standard factions (TFN, Russia, USA) should all work well. The (currently standard) PMC faction would also fit well - and create a more asymmetrical field if this is the goal.

CSAT vs the blufor was meh in terms of factions.
I would also change the objectives so it only triggers when all opfor are dead. This gives them the chance to counter attack in case there are guys still alive.

I’ll definitely go for "kill everyone in the area" type of trigger but what bothers me is random player refusing to respawn after he is unconscious, somewhere in the trigger area. Attacking side will need to search every house and check that everyone is dead, but ok… I don’t see a better solution.

I do agree on factions. When trying to do this, I was hoping there are more workable custom factions in our repository but many are outdated. Will need to think of one out…

Cheers for the feedback guys.