PVP - Multiple Choice

Please post Feedback and Discussion of the Mission here.

I had a great time at tonight’s op. Very intense, even though I somehow ended up being on the ‘stand here and watch those trees’ fireteam in both rounds. :stuck_out_tongue: Really looking forward to watching people’s videos of this one.

My only complaint would be that, as some players mentioned during the break, the BLUFOR’s camo was much less suited to the terrain than OPFOR’s, so perhaps a little unbalanced in that sense.

P.S. Now that we’re doing awards for special achievements, can I nominate Eistee for his Grenade Quad-Kill in the first round, and Xander for his One-Man-Army skills in the second? OPFOR RULES!

Nice intense mission as Jash said. Terrain was interesting and there were many different routes to use for the approach. My main issues are technical. As Jash mentioned the blufor camo wasn’t really suited for the terrain (being desert camo) as opposed to the opfors camo. Using forest camo made by Price would be a quick fix.

Seperate from that I drove the M113 on the second mission and had really hard time trying to reload its ammo. The ACE bubble was extremly difficult to catch and could be used only in 1-2 very specific spots. Ok thing to deal with in a secure base but not so nice whilst being a sitting duck in the middle of the airstrip.

Great mission,

nothing to add to what has been already said. If we include 4-5 possible spawn points for M113 (along the airfield, no visible marker) and AT Supply (again outside the airfield perimeter but over the whole length, with visible marks as now) , the mission would definitely have more replay potential. I guess that the Re-supply for M113 can stay at the end of the airfield.

Here is my perspective


The problem with using my camos is they are vanilla vests. I would have instead of using US ARMY used US MARINES who have woodland marpart camo and brown vests, much more suited for the terrain. UCP is shit and should never be used anywhere, except maybe an urban environment. Also the designer of UCP should be made to wear UCP in a combat zone.

I have just created a Full RHS Russian faction to use in PvP that use the Russians equivalent urban uniform and although it is slightly better looking than the UCP I think it is comparable enough to not have such an unbalanced camouflage situation again.

Awesome mission guys! Thanks for showing up in such great numbers
A few inprovements can be made to the mission as said (do you guys want this mission more often?)
I would give the US better camo, let the spawns be random of the M113 and AT caches, and maybe place some extra wrecks on the airfield itself to provide a bigger play area.

Missions went good, though I have to say often too slow, people tend to stay put after a while and that can be deadly because you give the enemy time to plan and out maneuver you.
I did that 2 times in the last round on my own, killing 7 people.
The main thing for me always in PvP is that the enemy knows where you are, as some might have seen in the 2nd round i retreated from the forest engagement, as I was wounded and outgunned (me vs M113 and alot of grenades). So while I was away, there were some grenades and bullets wasted on my last known position where I moved away from for some time.

Flanking is one big pain in the ass, but can be prevented by good intel, cover or to keep moving.
In the 2nd round there wasnt good cover where I killed 5 people by the hangars, so it was quite easy to flank due to the firefight with opfor to the NW