PvP Mini event - Abdera's box - 1st of October 20:00

My dear fellow Owls ,

right for the CNTO anniversary, I’d like to invite you to a mini event to promote PvP gameplay.

Please find the event with the description in your calendar :PvP Event Abdera’s box.

The idea, as already promoted in Cody’s ‘Grab Petrov’, is to make PvP more attractive by creating an incentive for both teams to be dynamic, so that the match is not just about one team attacking another team which waits, bunkered up, somewhere in the AO.

While the simple scenarios do not require any complicated gamelogic which could be gamebreaking, those more elaborated one’s could profit from a bit of feedback and tweaking, not to mention, testing. Once a concept is accepted, it has the advantage to be reproducible in different locations. Random objective spawning also augments replayability on the same AO.

I would really love to see you at this event and share your feedback with me.

Looks awesome already, Hellfire! Will definitely try to attend. :thumb:

[justify]I love Abdera! It’s one of my favourite towns on Altis due to its verticality and the terrain features. It gives one the feeling of an old fortress where you retreat from outer to inner walls and finally the highest keep near the centre.[/justify]