PvP - Dark business

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Really enjoyed the missions. I didn’t play that kind of mission before but it is great. PvP like that is interesting because no/very little other games offer this kind of game play!

Especially the 2nd round where Opfor backstab us (indies) at the exchange location. Did not work out to well for them though thanks to [user avatar=“https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.enjin.com/821401/site_logo/small.png” name=“Xander”]12587882[/user] I barely made it out alive with the truck while driving over [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/14911388/avatar/small.1608554273.png” name=“Skippy”]14911388[/user] who was first trying to take the ammo truck as cover and then started shooting at me once he heard the engine. What followed was a 10-minute drive, with one broken wheel and me seeing everything thrice because i was in a lot of pain.

2 small things which would make the whole thing a lot better:

  1. It was a bit too dark. When I tried to change wheels of my truck, I literally did not see where the wheel was unloaded.
  2. Have a scripted ending, when both ammo truck is at Indie base and hostage has reached Opfor base.

I had a great time on this mission, was good to see another remake of Dark Business. Though I had to leave after the first round the intensity of fighting in a dark and dusky environment is fantastic. Kudos to [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/853677/avatar/small.1472189703.jpeg” name=“Hadassa”]853677[/user] a.k.a. Murderbird who took out almost the entire Indie sneak attack after we eliminated BluFor. And the rest of my team who also performed really well, pulling off a textbook fix, flank, finish maneuver.

Here are my inputs for possibly improving the mission design:

  • Unlock all ground vehicles from faction lock. We had some issues when Indies crashed their truck and could not hop onto ours. We were lucky enough that we traveled with two trucks beside the ammo truck so we could give them one of ours, without revealing the location of the ammo truck (which was stashed about 150m away from our initial meeting point with Indies :stuck_out_tongue: ).
  • Completely lock the Little Bird for Indie and OpFor (dunno how that affects the civilian). After we took out BluFor we could have jumped into the helo and had a thermal optic spotting platform. In my opinion, non-special forces should not be able to just take off on a helo like that.
  • Utilise triggers for most ending scenarios. Back in 2014 / 2015 when I created these three-way faction PvP missions I added several triggers that informed of the victory conditions. For example: all Indie and all BluFor members are KIA, trigger message to the surviving OpFor members - that way no spectator admin has to intervene. I’m not sure if all possible endings need to be covered since Indie can achieve their objective while OpFor and BluFor are still duking it out (e.g. yesterdays first round).
  • Provide an additional AI civi. In the very early days of Dark Business remakes we didn’t have a proper AI interaction system and thus player hostages were absolutely necessary. With our lower numbers during PvP missions and three factions to further spread out in an optional AI hostage could be beneficial. The secondary hostage doesn’t have to be utilised every mission but could be if a.) player numbers are very low and BluFor could use one more body, b) nobody volunteers as hostage.