PVP- Baked Potatoes

Ok I couldn’t think of a title… But anyway this is an idea for a little PVP mission of irregulars vs modern army.

It is set around 1980s based off the time of the conflict between mujihadeen and the soviet union.

The terrain will be takistan. (or kunduz?)

The gameplay will be based around the Soviets attempting to locate and destroy irregular camps, which will be guarded and hidden in the mountains and forests. Camps serve as spawn points until they are compromised by the enemy. If soviet forces within 1km are defeated, the camp will be useable as a spawnpoint again. If the soviets find the camp, they are to dismantle it and render it useless and destroy all arms and equipment. (Not sure how to script this)
The soviets gain access to 5 UAZs 3 Ural transports as well as all Ural/BMP supply variants. 1 t-80, 2 bmps, 1 mi-8 and 1 mi-24. They also have access to mortars and artillery support. They are also lead by a base commander who MUST be protected at all costs. If he dies, he cannot respawn and cannot coordinate soviet forces.

The soviets ultimate goal is to locate and destroy 3-6 hidden irregular camps as well as their main base (location revealed once all camps are destroyed) and prevent all soviet/taki bases and equipment from falling into enemy hands

The irregulars gain access to a series of civilian vehicles, hidden technicals, and hardwear, as well as basic rifles and flares. Equipment is limited though, so they will have to mount a series of raids on takistani or soviet held towns and bases in order to procure arms, vehicles, fuel and advanced equipment. The irregular commander can respawn as many times as it takes and leads his brothers into battle

The irregulars ultimate goal is to mount an assault on several taki bases and the soviet airfield.

SOVIET RULES: You cannot fire upon unarmed or surrendering players. You cannot commandeer takistani vehicles unless it is an emmergency/ life or death situation. You can only respawn at the airfield and have to be re-inserted.

IRREGULAR RULES: You can respawn at any un-contested and functional camp held by your side.There are pretty much no rules.

AI: There will be AI units distributed across the map, these will be civilians, takistani forces (allied to the soviets) and militia (allied to the irregulars)

Takistani forces will be well supplied, with many armoured vehicles and trucks. This can be a curse as the irregulars will likely steal and use them.

Execution advice: For the soviets I would reccomend always having a bird in the air in a search pattern surrounding the suspected location of a camp. And trying to narrow down the search areas based on where the irregulars are consistantly attacking from. The soviet commander can keep updating the map with search areas and objectives for his forces. Taking out enemy mortar and artillery installations is not part of your main objective but is adviseable. You could also try capturing an enemy and interrogating him if that sounds like fun.

For the irregulars, I reccomend assaulting taki outposts at first to procure supplies for your reinforcements (You only have enough weapons and magazines in your base crates for the initial spawn, so remember to pick up weapons from your slain comrades or the enemy and load them into trucks. The soviets cannot fire upon non-military targets so not carrying a weapon will allow you to blend in with civilians. You are also fine in any vehicle not known to contain irregulars as there is some civilian traffic. Try to mask your movement as much as possible to prevent the soviets from picking up on where your forces are comming from. Also rememeber by hiding all your weaponry, webbing and equipment you can pose as civilians or goat herders in the mountains.

Time of day: Dawn/Dusk?. The operation will take place at dawn/dusk whilst it is still bright and continue into the day/night.

It’s best for the irregulars to find torches if they can. Only soviet special forces have night vision, The majority of soviet forces and taki forces having flashlights. Irregulars gain access to several mortars and flare rounds.

Wow this could be a very involved (in a good way) mission. I suggest you look into mission making and try scripting a few parts of this mission one piece at a time and ask for some testers to try it out in an unofficial capacity. You could then build it up into a state where it is ready for an unofficial op and see where we go from there. I would love to help out by helping you test.

I was thinking of just using zeus to monitor the action and remove spawns as nessecary

Yummy… probably an all night mission tough, btw I would be really pleased if sometimes longer Ops/event could happen…

Yes it would be a pretty long operation. And there’s no reason why it couldn’t last several days with everyone bedding down for the night before resumed hostitlities and possibly moving their camps