Pulsar: Lost Colony

Just wanted to know what you think of the new "artemis ++"

Looks cool as fuck.

Jesus, that’s Artemis on fucking crack. I’ma watch all of them and see what it’s like. We might want to organize a full gaming night with this. Probably a heck of a lot cooler to play than Artemis, and that was awesome by itself


I am irrationally angry at how bad these people are at typical gaming principles. At least they’re better than Minecraft lets players, I suppose.

I will be, ahem, trying before I’m buying…if you know what I mean. But if it holds weight, I’ll drop some cash on it.

"The ship looks so gangster."

Steam makes it easy now with the ability to return bad games for full cash.

Well sure, but the two hours of gameplay can be a pretty stickler when you’re trying to find out if it actually works with a bunch of people or not. Besides, it’s not available on steam yet.

When you buy it, you can get the steam key right away!

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