Project Zomboid - Winter Hiatus

Since we are now on winter hiatus and the server will be dormant during that time, I propose we start a Project Zomboid server. Here is a poll if you are for or against it.

I chose to make a friendlies community

We will create a Friendlies community. However, I do not have faith in its longevity since we will probably end up killing each other.

2 questions.
What other games might people be interested in before we say yes or no. Last times we also ran servers and are those games more interesting for a bigger group? Think about Dayz, Minecraft or Space Engineers for example.
And how easy is it to create a zomboid version. Is there a dedicated version you don’t need a game code for ?
Since our server has it’s own steam account and does not own the game of course.

Regarding creating a server for Project Zomboid, I believe you need to own the game on Steam because when you do, you also get the "Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" tool which you use to download the files required to run the server.

Here is a link to the pzwiki which explains how to create a dedicated server:

The game is $20 on Steam right now. However, the Christmas sale starts in 5 days, and I am certain the game will be on sale for the event.

The explanation says you can just download it. So I don’t think you need to own it.

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