Post Scriptum

It s WW II., multiplayer only 40x40, ARMA3 similar gameplay.

Nice graphic with good GPU, better than GTX 770 quite a required. 16Gb ram will get into use and if preload textures are set in the settings so you will need more or you will run out of memory. So, it will take some time to get the right settings for specific GPU and RAM.

The game has very realistic sounds, it s really enjoyable.

In the game, everybody have to be in some platoon section, so it push ppl to cooperate more.

  • Game commander (only one person - sending bombers, planes, artillery fire - on SQLs request)
  • Infantery section (squads-SQL, medic, rifleman, MG, granadier, sometimes sniper, AT… max 9 ppl in SQ)
  • Logistical section (1x) Mortars, supplies, entrenching
  • Armoured section (2x) (there can be active at once only max 2 tanks and 1 recon - Daimler or Sdkfz 222.
    (if you get stuck with vehicle in ditch or else, it is possible to reset "flip" the vehicle to right or left by "F")

Communication in game:

  • Plt radio over "G" for SQL
  • Squad radio for SQL
  • Team radio for everybody in SQ
  • Direct speech for everybody

Sound in game and talk can be nicely calibrated in settings. (there is at least 6x specific setting for sound)

Respawn - medic can help you or you can respawn or if instant killed, so you can respawn in mobile respawn points - it are cars which players move on safe place near objectives.

Somewhere was written there is about 140 square Km of maps - looks like 4 are played. I can say the maps are big enough. (objects are indestructible)

Objetives - are small villages (non destructible houses but If you shoot a tank projectiles there players are down), secondary objectives are enemy mortars, MHQs, tanks.

Generally, i think ARMA players will like this game if they like PvPs too, as it is quite a more difficult than coop.

There is a lot ppl which understand playing it but too a lot which does not, but they drop off quickly, and hate the game, so after some time the player base can be skilled.

This is nice description:

Mortar calculator: (if you would play logistic)

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